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World Percussion Soundtrack 01

Version: Kontakt 5.1 / WAV / 1.3 GB / V1

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Product Overview

Introducing Paul Clarvis to the stage, one of the world\'s most sought after percussionists, having worked with Mick Jagger, Elvis Costello, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Annie Lennox, Sting, Bryan Ferry, John Williams, Andy Sheppard and more!

This interactive sample pack takes us on a cultural journey through different cinematic styles, and is a must-have for any soundtrack composer.

The loops and samples are presented in the form of a Kontakt Sampler Instrument, which allows for ultimate flexibility and control over the final sound. There are 37 grooves in total, each containing separate instrument loops and ending variations.

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If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in World Percussion Soundtrack 01

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The mixer interface allows for complete control over all the loop stems, and at the simple flick of a switch you can sync the loops to your DAW's tempo. Flick another switch and take advantage of the 'Input Quantize' feature, which allows you to quantize the start of the loop to the beat, as well as sync subsequent loop start points to the initial loops current position.

All the loops and samples provided have been meticulously recorded in a completely dry environment, allowing you to take advantage of the convolution reverb included with instrument, and adjust to suit your mix.

On the main view of the instrument you can see some text which gives the loop name, time signature and original BPM that the loop was recorded at (don’t worry, you can sync the loops to your DAW’s BPM later.)


Tempo Sync and Quantize

Tempo Sync turns on Kontakt’s Time Machine Pro feature, which will sync the tempo of the loops to that of your DAW.

Input Quantize is a unique feature that allows you to quantize the start of the loop to the beat, as well as sync subsequent loop start points to the initial loops current position. For example, after a note is played on the keyboard, Kontakt’s engine will wait until the next beat until the audio begins to play. If no note is released, when a new loop is triggered it will begin playing from the same position as the original loop…so if you hold c3 down for 2 bars and bring d3 in on the 2nd bar, d3 will begin playing the loop 2 bars in.


Trans makes use of Kontakt’s Transient Master effect, which can soften or harden the sound of transients.

Drive adds subtle a subtle thickening and harmonic distortion effect.

Blend allows you to mix between a close mic and room mic effect.

Comp allows you to compress the loops. When Comp is enabled, Kontakt’s limiter is also enabled to prevent overs.

Loops and Stems

There is also a keyboard, with Stems, End Stems, Full Loops and End Loops written above certain keys. These refer to the corresponding percussion loops or groupings.

Stems, which start on note c1, refers to the separate stems of the main percussion groove, e.g. Conga, Bongo, Shakers etc.

End Stems, which start on note c2, refers to a specific ending for each of the main stems. For example, if a Conga Loop is on C1, the corresponding Conga End Loop will be on C2.

Full Loops, which start on note c3, are a selection of full mixes. By holding just one note down, you can play different combinations of the ‘Stems’ which have been pre-defined for ease of use. This section of the keyboard is in mono, so that multiple full loops do not play, making for easier switching between loops.

End Loops, which starts on c4, plays the corresponding end loops of those in ‘Full Loops.’ This section is also mono.