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Ensoniq SQ80 Re-Imagined


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Product Overview

  • Complex, involving, cyclically shifting sounds from six early-digital oscillators
  • Separate Attack waveforms to add characteristic bowing, plucking or blowing elements
  • 54 cyclical waveforms arranged from mellow and warm to bright and brash: choose how much tonal variation you want!
  • Excellent for PPG-style pads, drifting washes of sound, and grainy digisynth goodness
  • Over 90 factory patches to get you started, plus Glitch button for instant patch creation!
  • Over 2500 individual samples for a richly authentic tone
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ensoniq sq80

WaveCrest continues our fascination with the gritty sheen of early digisynths – in this case owing its sound to the lovely grainy warmth of the Ensoniq SQ80. Where the original keyboard has a familiar 3-oscillator architecture, though, WaveCrest departs from tradition in favour of something a little weirder: six cyclical oscillators plus an attack wave. The six cyclical waves are governed by phase-adjusted LFOs so that they rise and fall within the overall patch, constantly shifting its timbre. By choosing which waves are in play, and how quickly they cycle, you can dial up mellow swooshes of slowly-evolving sound, or shiny metallic patches that aren’t a million miles from a poor man’s PPG.

Image supporting CYCLICAL WAVES


Onto the front of the cyclical waves you can also graft one of 12 Attack samples, making it simple to add a characteristic flute chiff, string bow or guitar pluck to the sustaining sound. These attacks can be independently adjusted for level, so it’s perfectly possible to create patches without them for more impressionistic soundscapes.

Each cyclical wave can be selected from a pool of 54 waveforms with the common Wave Select slider. These are arranged in a musically-sensible way with mellow, warm-sounding waves at the bottom of the slider and bright, brash, metallic waves with higher harmonic content at the top. This makes it very easy to create patches which either shift subtly (choose six waves from a limited area of the slider’s travel) or incorporate drastic tonal variation (choose alternately from the top and bottom of the slider scale). Then adjust how swiftly they cycle using the Sweep Rate knob, which has a range of approximately 10 seconds to 1 second. Or, of course, you can click at the Glitch button, which randomises the whole shebang – although it’s cleverly predisposed to give you musically-useful results.


The whole smoothly-shifting waveform can then be further sculpted with the switchable 2- or 4-pole Low-Pass Filter, the dedicated High-Pass Filter, various LFOs, an Overload Circuit (for a bit of analogue-style warmth), and a Grain control which progressively reduces the bit-depth and sample rate for some bitcrushed, even-more-digital grunge. Round the back there are of course our usual Effects, and tucked down beside the Wave Select slider there’s also a convolved Lexicon digital reverb for some period-authentic gloss.

WaveCrest excels at unashamedly digital pads with a lot of tonal movement: think the kind of sounds in the background of Peter Gabriel’s early albums. Because the sound is designed right from the ground up to be cyclical and evolving, it’s great for drones and sustained parts; though the Attack waves mean you can also get some cool percussive or tine-based sounds from it too. Whether you want something subtly shimmering or dramatically involved, WaveCrest can dial it up.


5 Stars (2)
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Verified Review

De l'Ensoniq et du PPG dans un Synthé hybrid !

Synthé sur Kontakt, réglage simple et efficace, interface soignée et magnifique, avec un grand choix dans 90 presets, et un son géant !
La base des samples est très sérieuse, Ensoniq et PPG et avec six oscillateurs numérique Whaouuu...
Le son est racé, doux mais avec son caractère digital 80', rien à dire, il sonne.
Avec 54 formes d'ondes et des réglages à gogo vous pouvez créer beaucoup de sons et avec son bouton Glitch (création de patch instantané) ça devient ouf !
De préférence sortez le sur une console analogue et utiliser des effets externe (Hardware) comme Lexicon, DBX, TubeTech, Filtre Moog, etc, pour lui redonner du "Juice" et du grain, ce qui lui apporte juste ce qu'il manquait pour être ENORME ;-)
A utiliser sans modération ;-)
Bravo Synth Magic et Merci the Professor & Mongo ;-)
et Merci Kontakt Hub ****


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Verified Review

Lots of movement and variation.

Really love how you can create a variety of sounds with this, with lots of movement. Also, the inclusion of a randomization function is a nice touch. Tried loading my own samples as well. Works for nice. Seems to be a lot of stuff happening under the hood.

Erick McNerney

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