VoxChops Synth - 220 Playable Vocal Chops for Kontakt
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VoxChops Synth

Version: Kontakt 5.5 / WAV / V1

220 Vocal Chop Instruments



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Product Overview

Supreme Samples is proud to present Vox Chops Synth for Kontakt.

Vox chops synth is a collection of over 220 playable sounds crafted entirely out of vocal chops. Add a unique layer to your production and let the sounds inspire you.

You get, Shouts, Phrases, Vocoder Patches, Leads, Keys, Pads, Staccato and Fx.

The intuitive interface will allow you to further customize the sounds so that you can create something unique for your project. Every knob can be assigned to a midi controller through Midi learn for unlimited creativity. You can also add your own samples through the Kontakt interface. Add new life to your old samples!

* Please note that you will need the full version of Kontakt 5.5 or above to use this library. It will not run on the free player.

Kontakt Player Download Manual
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On the main screen, you can quickly change how your sound starts. Filters and envelopes are set up to make this very easy. You can also adjust the adjust glide and mix the current instrument layers.

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The effects panel is an easy way to further customize the sounds.
You can turn them ON and OFF whilst playing by using key switches.

In the ‘Sends’ panel, you have a classic section of effects to spice up any sound.
Choose from a great selection of convolution reverbs to morph your sound or place on an acoustic space.

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The Rhythm panel allows you to quickly create a dynamic sequence to further customize your sound.
You can modulate the pitch, panning and gain to add interesting sonic movement.

Why not add filters to create even more sonic interest in every single note.
Map any of the knobs to a midi controller and shape the sounds live!



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Looooove this Kontakt Library!!

It's an amazing Vocal Manipulator!! Just what i was looking for to add extra ummphh to my Mixes!! Thank you very much for making this Library so cheap & easy to purchase and download

Curtis Dj MeNaCe

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