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Voice of Gaia: Strawberry

Version: Kontakt 5.1 / WAV / V1

Solo Mezzo-soprano Female Vocal Library



Download Method: Soundiron

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Product Overview

Voice Of Gaia: Strawberry is a professional solo mezzo-soprano female vocal library featuring premier vocalist Linda Strawberry Coloma. This 5.4 GB collection features deeply sampled 'Ah' legato, a variety of vowel sustains and staccatos and thousands of customizable live tempo-synching melodic micro phrases in various keys and styles that can be instantly chopped and sequenced into your own custom arrangements.

Known for her work with Zwan, Smashing Pumpkins and numerous other collaborations and solo projects, Linda's voice has a intense, dynamic and truly expressive quality perfect for everything from cinematic scoring, EDM and dreampop to industrial and world music. Her rich, mysterious and passionate voice and distinctive emotive style burn through the mix.

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We recorded Linda in a warm studio environment with multiple microphone types and carefully programmed each articulation into a powerful and flexible performance system. This virtual solo voice instrument brings together superior programming, brilliant performances, unrivaled sonic quality and living, breathing soul into an unprecedented solo vocal solution.

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Voice of Gaia: Strawberry features outstanding True Legato sustains for Ah using the long-form solo method for unparalleled quality and realism, with infinite or natural sustains, natural release, 3-voice polyphonic support and a plethora of fine-tuning parameters. It features standard vowel in Ah(p), Ah(forte), Mm, Oh(piano), Oh(forte) and Oo (piano) vowels. You’ll also find matching fully staccato vowels that with precision note shaping and instant vowel switching. All chromatic content spans a playable key range of over 2 octaves.

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We've included a vast array of improvised melodic phrases rooted at 80, 100, 120 and 140 bpm, with automatic real-time tempo-synching or time-stretching modes. Phrases are included in the root keys of A#, C, D, E, F# and G# in a variety of modes, with transposition control. Bonus keys of F and G are available for 80 BPM as well. At over 2500 phrases, Linda sings in a broad range of styles from ancient and mysterious to contemporary and soulful. And of course there are plenty of bonus vocal effects, like whisper sustains/staccatos, laughing, breathing, sweeps, swells and more. There's also a deep selection of sound designed ambiences, drones, atmospheres, pads, leads and special FX instruments.


  • 5.46 GB Installed
  • 11,316 Samples
  • 33 Kontakt 5.1 .nki instrument presets
  • 24 bit / 48kHz uncompressed PCM wav audio
  • Unlocked Kontakt presets and wav samples to allow user customization
  • Kontakt 5.1 or above required (Not for Kontakt Player)


  • Two different microphone options: large body, double diaphragm w/transformer or single diaphragm, small body w/o transformer
  • "Ah" natural true legato vowel with infinite sustain (w/release) or natural sustain.
  • Ah (piano), Ah (forte), Mm, Oh (piano), Oh (forte) and Oo Staccatos
  • Ah (piano), Ah (forte), Mm, Oh (piano), Oh (forte) and Oo Sustains
  • Over 2500 melodic phrases in the keys of A# - G#, with pitch transposition, instant pattern sequencing, legato blending, tempo-synching/time-stretching, shaping and more.
  • Melodic phrases cover a variety of styles from ethnic to blues and soul.
  • All melodic phrases organized by root key and native tempo
  • Improved sequencer allows for per-step phrase start and end markers.
  • Whispers, Breaths, Warm-ups and other vocal effects.
  • Tons of bonus vocal Ambiences, Atmospheres, Tuned Pads and other custom melodic instruments crafted directly from Linda's voice.
  • Swell control allows real-time dynamic performance shaping.
  • Full Multi-FX rack panel with Chorus, Compression, Distortion, Amp and Cab simulation, EQ, Delay and Reverb
  • Our Reverb rack unit includes 25 unique creative FX convolutions and 45 excellent live rooms, studios, chambers, cathedrals, halls and other real-world environments, with flexible tone, size and mix controls.
  • Fully automatable, with customizable key switch and GUI controls.
  • Convenient real-time visual wave-form display in every preset.


Linda Strawberry is a Los Angeles based vocalist, songwriter, producer and engineer. She has worked with Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins, Zwan, Spirits in the Sky), Bjorn Thorsrud, Alan Moulder, Bon Harris, Marianne Faithfull, The Dandy Warhols, David Coverdale, Dave Navarro, Mark Tulin, Kerry Brown, Mark Weitz and many more. She currently releases music through her label Lovely Chaos and has a song in the current season of Disney show Phineas and Ferb, airing soon. After a two year hiatus, during which she gave birth to her first child, she collaborated with director husband Justin Coloma creating the artwork for Peter Murphy's "I Spit Roses" music video. She also recorded a duet with Curt Smith (Tears for Fears) for The Shadow Bureau's "Don't Give Yourself Away".Click Here to check out the video for her latest single "The Saddest Song" at Youtube.

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