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Violation V2
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Violation V2

Version: Kontakt 5.5 / NCW / V2

Contemporary compositional violin techniques



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Product Overview

Composers and sound designers have always been looking for a way to escape from conventional methods and practices, and expand their music palette towards uniqueness by using experimental sound design libraries, recording techniques and application of Digital Signal Processing effects.

Violation is a sample library consisting of Western classical modern & contemporary compositional violin techniques. It will satisfy not only those looking for a different approach and use of timbres in their sound, but also composers who seek a way to familiarize themselves with the scoring techniques of these sounds.

Please note - FULL version of Kontakt 5.5 required. Will only work in DEMO mode with Kontakt Player

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Violation as its name suggests, aims to break the norms of traditional sample libraries and educate its users on Western classical modern & contemporary compositional violin techniques. The sample library has been created to serve the composers and sound designers who are looking for a different approach to their projects.

Unique timbers and percussion effects comprising this sample library are the outcome of studio recordings without any trace of digital signal processing effects. That way you will always know how the specific techniques you used in your project will sound in live reproduction.

Furthermore, the library will automatically notate in score any sample you play.

Key features

  • Multi-mic recordings with mixer - The sample library incorporates close and main (stage) recorded samples. High-end microphones such as Neumann U87 (close) and Schoeps MK2H (main), alongside the Digidesign 192 I/O soundcard were used for the recordings. Mix your samples and sounds from Close and Room recordings right on the user interface. You can use the additional “mute” buttons to mute each channel source individually.
  • Notation board - Play a note and see exactly how it is notated on score.
  • Filters & FX panel - Granular Synthesis and ADSR Amp Envelope. Including Insert and Send Effects (Saturation, Stereo Enhancer, Low Pass and High Pass Filters with individual on/off switch, Lo-Fi, Delay and Reverb)
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