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Vintage Choirs

Version: Kontakt 4.2.3 / NCW / V1

Acoustic voices and synthetic choral tones


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Product Overview

The warmth and familiarity of the human voice make choir sounds particularly evocative to the ear – particularly when used as a background bed against which to showcase solo instruments, or as the starting point for a lush synth pad. It’s no accident that almost every sampler worth its salt has included choir oohs and aahs, and often more ambitious vocal arrangements; and it’s also telling that some kind of human voice emulation forms part of the soundbank of most synthesisers. Of all the acoustic tones, the voice is the one we know most intimately; and even when it’s produced by a synth, there remains something uniquely appealing about it.

Requires a full copy of Native Instruments Kontakt v4.2.3 or higher. Kontakt Player is not supported: instruments will load, but will time out after 15 minutes.

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Vintage Choirs takes both acoustic voices and synthetic choral tones as its building blocks, allowing you to blend, thicken and detune multiple instances to get a really rich ensemble effect – and then to shape and control that sound with envelopes, LFOs and effects. But of course the really neat part is the Vintage knob, which smoothly dials between clear, crystalline choirs and their scratchy, shellac-shedding ancestors. With a single twist you can timewarp your patches back to the era of platters and tape-replay, yielding erratic, uncertain, tremulous sounds that evoke days long gone.

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Vintage Choirs is the sister instrument to Vintage Strings, and both of them share a clear and simple control set and our wonderful convolved Icon Reverb – sampled from the Lexicon PCM70. This adds a wonderful smooth period-appropriate classiness to your choirs, letting them breathe. And of course there’s the Glitch button sitting there waiting to be pressed: every click will generate a new, musically-randomised patch for you to try out (and save, if you like it).

Bringing the crusty warmth of the Chamberlin, Mellotron and Optigan era to bear on choral patches brings the voices of the past back to life in your music. For pads that breathe, Vintage Choirs is the way to go.


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the best lo-fi choir sound ive heard

If youre looking for a fully-realistic choir just go somewhere else, but if what you want is that weird combination of realistic-ish timbre and sample-looped, tube-driven, worn-out sound, this one is a must!

In the front panel theres a level envelope section, level faders for mixing the sampled acoustic choir sound and another synthetic "choir" sound (which in my opinion sounds more like a thicc ocarina/pipe organ hybrid (sounds great doe!)), LFO section, "Tone" secton (which consists of a really powerfull tube saturator which is capable of really amping the signal with a really pleasant, fuller, saturated sound; and a low-pass filter to tame down all that hi-freq hiss and sparkle (if thats what you want)), and also a really big knob called "Vintage" which im sure just crossfades between a "lo-fized" signal and a dry one.
Oh, it also has 10 different really great reverb convolutions.

With the effects panel you can take your sound to the next level, shaping it with effects that are specifically there to let you filter the timbre: accentuating or notching-down certain frequencies (like 5 different cabinets and a phaser).

It doesn't have presets, but it has a "random" button called "Glitch" which will gift you with a good amount of interesting sounding presets in no time. (each 3 or 5 pushes you'll get a preset to be kept)

You can use this instrument for ambiance pads, drones/chromatic beds, layering or just an in-your-face lo-fi choir chord (if you just turn that "Vintage" big knob full left).

Omg i wrote a lot... you just have to know that i really like it okay?

Jose Vicente Esteban Gomis

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