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Ukulele Chords
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Marcos Ciscar


Ukulele Chords

Version: Kontakt 5.8.1 / WAV / V1

12 major and minor chords plus percussive and fret noises



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Product Overview

Add a flavour to your production. With Ukulele Chords you get all 12 major and minor chords plus percussive and fret noises from two different instruments presented together in a stereo mix on your keyboard. Rhythmic variations are created by toggling between the chords that are presented on two octaves for both major and minor chords side by side. A bit like playing octave bass on a synthesizer.

Format: Two different instruments recorded in mono, 24-bit 44,1KHz panned left/right sounding together in a mix. A common approach when recording fretted instruments.

Important Note: You must have the full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or above to load this library. Not for Kontakt player.

Kontakt Player

Keyboard Layout

  • Percussive sounds: C2 + G2
  • Major chords: C3 - B3, C4 - B4
  • Minor chords: C5 - B5, C6 - B6
  • Fret noises: C7 - C8

Tip 1: Various recordings of the chords are presented through the velocity map and a velocity randomizer. You can make further changes by altering velocity values in your midi track.

Tip 2: Record your combination of percussive sounds and chords on one track in your DAW. Then create another track with fret noises to add more realism in a more naked mix.

Reverb: Custom pink noise impulse response.


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