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Version: Kontakt 4.2.4 / WAV / V1

4 Track Sequencer



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Product Overview

TX-101 is a 4-tracks sequencer designed for the creation of evolving rhythm patterns. Each track has 4 different samples (for a total of 16 samples), including organic glitches and metal hits. It is possible to store eight presets that can be joined and looped together to build a 128 steps sequence (16×8).

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  • Sequencer: 4 Tracks and 16 Steps + tracks for Delay and Flanger
  • 8 Patterns presets
  • 6 Kontakt Instruments (.nki) presets: master, ambient, hard, leslie, modulations, talking
  • Mod. Wheel assigned to different parameters for each preset
  • FULL version of Kontakt required
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Further Details

It is also possible to sequence Delay and Flanger effects as two additional tracks. Both parameters (cutoff, resonance, effects) and steps can be randomized separately.

There are 6 different variations (.nki instruments) of TX-101 for different mood/styles: master, ambient, hard, leslie, modulations, talking.

The modulation wheel is also assigned to a different set of parameters for each instrument. You can watch the tutorial video or download the documentation to learn more about TX-101.

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