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Tonal Chimes

Version: Kontakt 5.4.1 / NCW / V1

Unique Chime Instrument



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Product Overview

Global Audio Tools is bringing a unique and one of a kind tool we like to call “Tonal Chimes Kontakt Instrument”. We have sampled a unique chime instrument that has outstanding sustaining tones and tempered metalic values. What we went ahead and did for you guys is sampled and made this unique instrument playable for all to enjoy in Kontakt 5 format for a very affordable cost.

In the Tonal Chimes instrument you will find one nki loaded with an elegant user interface and packed with useful effects that can turn a crispy chime sound into a floating ambient synth like sound, not to mention the various different articulations we included its a no brainer. Don’t believe me? Download the demo or check out the video sound demonstration to hear what this unique one of a kind instrument has to offer!

  • Custom Onboard Menu & FX
  • 10 Articulation Hits
  • 20 Custom Impulse Responses
  • Touch Velocity Capabilities

*For Kontakt 5.4.1 Or Higher*

*Full Version Of Kontakt 5 Required*

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