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The Orchestra Complete Upgrade
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The Orchestra Complete Upgrade

Version: Kontakt 6 / NCW / V1

Upgrade the Orchestra to Complete



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Product Overview

You already own The Orchestra and would like to expand the number of instruments, articulations and features? With this upgrade you can extend your orchestral colors and features even further and maintain the intuitive and fast workflow you are already used to. 

This brand-new complete bundle comes with 108 new presets - Colors / Rhythms / Animated. It includes and combines the latest version of The Orchestrathe complete Strings Of Winter and Tuned Percussion within the Ensemble Engine. (Please do not purchase "TO-Strings of Winter" as a stand-alone product, but take advantage of this Upgrade!)


60 raw and pristine string articulations, 70 powerful ensemble presets and an incredibly expressive set of signature sounds, some from the large vastness of Mongolia, will make your orchestral colors and musical ideas go sky high. Dive into new sounds - some played on the sharp edge of sound.

This upgrade also introduces a highly requested, new feature, MIDI Export! Simply drag and drop the MIDI from The Orchestra Complete right into your favourite DAW. You can change notes and rhythms afterwards for every exported clip. Thus making it a breeze to create variations and emotional changes, without overwriting the arpeggiators and envelopes. You can also use those MIDI files with different instruments - even from other sample libraries.

Minimum required Free Kontakt Player or full Kontakt version 6.0.4

NOTE: Only purchase this if you already own The Orchestra and want to upgrade to The Orchestra Complete

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