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Version: Kontakt 5.3 / WAV / V1

UI and VFX Sound Design Tool



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Product Overview

TEXTROBOT is a NI Kontakt instrument designed to help you in the design of UI sounds and to produce retriggered samples for VFX text animations.
There are 165 samples in total and they are easily accessible using a MIDI master keyboard from the first octave. You can choose a category to load a set of samples and play it manually or in the retriggered way (if active) by holding down the note.

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  • Click (10 samples): very tight, clicky sounds for UI interface usage or small text VFX.
  • Bleeps (16 samples): it contains bleeping sounds, tones, and alerts for telemetrics and sci-fisound design.
  • Big Size (16 samples): a collection of low frequency sounds for big title animation.
  • Percussive (22 samples): organic and processed percussive sounds like shakers, maracas, and woods for multimedia apps or menu sound design.
  • Fun (30 samples): a collection of funny sounds for cartoonish motion graphics.
  • Digital (20 samples): glitches and lo-fi sounds for experimental videos.
  • Keys (28 samples): keyboards, typewriters, and mouse sounds.
  • Mechanical (23 samples): switches, clangs, squeaks, and metal impact sounds for mechanic motion graphics.


Mac or PC running the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.5 and up. You need the full version of Ni Kontakt. The instrument will not work with Ni Kontakt Player version.

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