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Terraform - Cinematic Motions

Version: Kontakt 5.5.1 / WAV / 2.1 GB / V1.2

Produced By Paul Ortiz

£95.00 + VAT


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Product Overview

Updated to V1.2 with a new interface and advanced controls.

Motion is Emotion - That was the core idea behind Terraform. Sometimes it is the little moving parts in the background of a score that really evoke emotion. Terraform offers a wide range of tonal (split into low, mid and high), percussive and ambient Motions to give your track that little something extra.

Produced by award-winning sound designer and composer Paul Ortiz, this instrument is a first, exciting step into the world of larger sample and loop libraries. Paul spent the better amount of two months to craft all of the Motions (Loops) that you can find in Terraform, using electric guitars, electric bass, synthesizers and his incredible sound design skills. IMPORTANT NOTE: Terraform was recently renamed (formerly "The Underscore")

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If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Terraform - Cinematic Motions

Image supporting Includes:


  • High definition 48kHz / 24bit .WAV files
  • 409 cinematic loops /  2.2 GB
  • Soundminer Metadata
  • Custom Kontakt Patches, using our very own AI Kontakt engine


Please Note Kontakt Full version is required to run this library although the WAV files are open for you to use in any application.

Category List

  • Ambient Motions
  • Ambient Motions - Major
  • High Tonal 3/4 Motions
  • High Tonal 4/4 Motions
  • High Tonal 4/4 Motions - Major
  • Low Tonal 3/4 Motions
  • Low Tonal 4/4 Motions
  • Low Tonal 4/4 Motions - Major
  • Mid Tonal 3/4 Motions
  • Mid Tonal 4/4 Motions
  • Mid Tonal 4/4 Motions - Major
  • Percussive 3/4 Motions
  • Percussive 4/4 Motions
  • Bonus (in Major)
Image supporting Custom Kontakt Engine

Custom Kontakt Engine

We updated the library with our own custom engine, which includes 10 Step Modulators (4 Volume, 4 Pan, 1 Low Pass and 1 High Pass) and a dual FX layout.