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Syndrum Synth

Version: Kontakt 5.6.6 / NCW / V1

Chromatic Tonal Synth


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Product Overview

Iconic Instruments has spun off 2 unique keyboard instruments based on the samples from the Syndrum and the DS-4.

Instead of the waveforms being tuned and triggered from the 4 channels, all the notes are laid across the keyboard chromatically to form a tonal keyboard instrument.

In addition to the same Waveforms, Velocity and Effects sections found in the drum modules, the Syndrum Synth and DS-4 Synth offer keyboard-specific features.

Please Note: The FULL version of Kontakt 5.6.6 or above is required. Please ensure you have the correct version of kontakt before ordering

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  • Adjustable Velocity Sensitivity
  • Glide function
  • 3 Voicings (Monophonic, Legato and Polyphonic)
  • 3 Waveforms (Sine, Triangle, Square)
  • VCF (12 Filter Types)
  • VCA (Bipolar, ADSR > Env./Gate)
  • Arpeggiator (7 Patterns, 8 Sync Settings, -/+ 3 Octave Range)
  • Effects - Distortion (3 Types), Delay (20 Sync Settings), Reverb (4 Impulses)
  • Includes ready-to-use presets and custom-made Multi-instruments
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