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Stringed Bundle

Version: Kontakt 5.0.1 / NCW / 0.6 GB / V1

3 Ancient Stringed Instruments

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Product Overview

The \"Ancient Stringed Bundle\" contains 3 products: \'Ancient Bowed Psaltery\', \'Ancient Hurdy Gurdy\', \'Ancient Plucked Dulcimer\'
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Image supporting Ancient Bowed Psaltery

Ancient Bowed Psaltery

The "Ancient Bowed Psaltery" instrument has 21 strings attached to a triangle shaped corpus made of thin wood. The psaltery is a member of the harps and zither family which dates back to the first half of the 13th century.

First it was played by plucking the strings with the fingertips but later in the early 20th century it was played with small bows not longer than a cubit.

Image supporting Ancient Hurdy Gurdy

Ancient Hurdy Gurdy

The Hurdy Gurdy is an instrument with over a thousand years of tradition. With its absolutely unique sound it is well known as a medieval instrument that is still often being played on medieval events. As a member of the stringed instruments family it can be used to create very special audio-colors.

Image supporting Ancient Plucked Dulcimer

Ancient Plucked Dulcimer

The "Ancient Plucked Dulcimer" is a Instrument Sample Library for Native Instruments' Kontakt 5. The recorded instrument is about thirty years old which is double the age of a 12-years old whisky. This dulcimer is truly a single malt and that is why its taste is so unique.