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Version: Kontakt 5.8.1 / NCW / V1

From the Streets to the Studio



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Product Overview

Street Percussion is a powerful step sequence library with over 100 unique and deeply-sampled instruments of various pieces of metal, plastic, wood, ethnic drums, and custom drum kits, giving you the ideal sounds to create those classic street percussion grooves.

This library goes way beyond your standard percussion sequencer, giving you full control and allowing you to create any beat or groove imaginable. While this library is extremely powerful, it's also simple to use with an innovative and seamless interface.

No need to spend tons of time drawing in your beats from scratch; with over 130 unique presets, you can have a fully fleshed-out percussion section in seconds! Get started today.


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With the help of two incredible street performers, Steven Bartashev and Cyzon Griffin, we captured the sound of a vast array of instruments with seven velocity layers and seven round robins per instrument. Creating authentic street percussion music has never been easier than with this comprehensive collection of surfaces, including metal, plastic, wood, ethnic drums, and two custom drum kits.

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Street Percussion features an incredibly powerful step-sequencer with eight channels. Each channel has independent control over the rate and steps and can even be triggered separately for some truly musical results. This flexibility makes programming complex beats, including polyrhythms, not only an option but simple! With step-based control over velocity, length, pan, pitch, reverse, reverb, and delay, the percussive possibilities are endless.

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Each channel has its own close and room mic mixers so you can dial in the exact sound you’re looking for. We’ve also hand-picked seven of Kontakt’s powerful effects, which can be applied on a per-channel basis or globally.

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Never let a lack of inspiration stop you from creating your percussion sections quickly. With over 130 customized presets, you can be up and running with killer grooves and fresh sounds just by the click of a button.


  • 102 deeply-sampled instruments
  • 54 Customized and filterable Groove Presets
  • 50 fully fleshed-out Beat Presets
  • 30 curated collections of instruments (Kit Presets)
  • Powerful eight-channel step sequencer with independent control of rate and steps
  • Step-assignable velocity, length, pan, pitch, reverse, reverb, and delay
  • Intuitive and seamless interface
  • Close and room mic per channel
  • 11,000+ samples
  • 7 velocity layers and round robins per instrument
  • MIDI drag and drop for easy DAW workflow
  • NKS compatible
  • Compatible with the FREE version of Kontakt (Kontakt Player)

Included instruments:


Block 1
Block 2
Cowbell 1
Cowbell 2
Hat Closed Loose
Hat Closed Medium
Hat Closed Tight
Hat Foot
Hat Open
Snare Mute
Snare Mute Buzz Roll
Snare Mute Rim Shot
Snare Mute Side Rim
Snare Mute Side Stick
Snare Reg
Snare Reg Buzz Roll
Snare Reg Rim Shot
Snare Reg Side Rim
Snare Reg Side Stick
Snare Wallet Buzz Roll
Snare Wallet Rim Shot
Snare Wallet Side Rim
Snare Wallet Side Stick
Snare Wallet Snare


Cowbell High
Cowbell Low
Crash 1
Crash 2
Hat Closed Loose
Hat Closed Medium
Hat Closed Tight
Hat Foot
Hat Open
Ride Bell
Snare Mute
Snare Mute Buzz Roll
Snare Mute Rim Shot
Snare Mute Side Rim
Snare Mute Side Stick
Snare Reg
Snare Reg Buzz Roll
Snare Reg Rim Shot
Snare Reg Ringing
Snare Reg Side Rim
Snare Reg Side Stick


Blue Bucket Large
Orange Bucket Medium
White Bucket Medium
White Bucket Small
Water Can Pos 1
Water Can Pos 2
Gutter Pipe
Tote Large
Pot Medium
Pot Small
Sheet Rock Holder Pos 1
Sheet Rock Holder Pos 2


Baking Pan
Baking Pan And Rack Shelf
Hose Reel
Duct 1 Large
Duct 2 Large
Metal Bucket Medium
Metal Bucket Small
Music Stand
Paint Roller Pan
Pot Lid
Pot Small
Sieve Bottom
Sieve Side
Steel Drum Small
Trash Can
Trash Can Lid Large
Trash Can Lid Small


2x4 Pos1
2x4 Pos2
Hardwood Sheet Pos 1
Hardwood Sheet Pos 2
Hardwood Small
Pine Small Pos 1
Pine Small Pos 2
Tube Pos 1
Tube Pos 2
Tube Pos 3


70s Kadima Raquet 1
70s Kadima Raquet 2
70s Kadima Raquet 3
African Hyde Drum
Amazon Bongo Large Drum
Amazon Bongo Small Drum
Mexican Small Drum
Pakistani Porcelain Drum


This product is distributed by Big Fish Audio. After you purchase the product you will be provided with a serial number. Please visit the following url and enter the serial to download the product and get your Kontakt Player Codes.

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