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Version: Kontakt 6.2.2 / WAV / V1.1

Layers of textural harmony


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Product Overview

STONE is a collection of 16 instruments grouped together by texture and timbre, lovingly recorded and processed to eek out interesting and unique qualities.

Aimed at film, media and theater composers, the tool-sets featured in Stone are immediate to use, adapt and experiment with.

Changleog V1.1 - MPE Integration:

From version 1.1 upwards, Stone has a new MPE engine! It has been developed with ROLI instruments in mind at the moment (because that is what I own and use) but hopefully there will be some more controllers added to the roster soon. The walk-through video below explains how the MPE engine works

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Oscillate //


is a collection of deep analogue basses for a rich low end – sampled from vintage and modern synthesizers


Pivot //


Cello is the lead instrument in this bank, with a sustain sample, unstructured Cello phrases, granular Cello and Organ fuzz. Recorded close mic for an intimate capture of the bow texture and body resonance


Fluctuate //


features hammer, mallets and plucked sounds processed on a Uher tape machine – this bank works well to create hooks, or with an external arpeggiator


Grain //


completes the layering with a selection of noise/recorded samples for depth in your sound design

By layering these banks together you have a composer toolkit with rich sound sources that is immediate to use. So with some effects processing you can add character or create something completely wild. Here are some examples of the full instrument when layered together


lo-pass cutoff

Lo-pass cutoff – filters out high frequencies. The button reveals resonance and controls for a multi shape LFO

hi-pass cutoff

Hi-pass cutoff – filters out the lower frequencies. The button reveals resonance and controls for a multi shape LFO

Saturate – with a nod to Tim Hecker, saturate at instrument level to bring out the harsher overtones, adding a warm distorted fuzz – watch the master volume!

Phase – inspired by leslie cabinets with an in-built rotating speaker, phase is a stereo effect that is bpm synced from your DAW


Stereo – a simple stereo modelling effect that can spread the stereo field of the instrument wider, or constrict to mono


Room – a natural sounding convolution reverb and it works especially well with the Pivot bank Cello instruments

Blur – a delay that sounds more like a reverb by taking microsecond particles and diffusing them into a reverb that stretches and spreads the sound into a wash


Stone is a Kontakt library, therefore to use Stone you will need Kontakt 6.2 and above, the FULL version not the Player version.

Stone is not a Kontakt Player library, so will not appear in the library browser of Kontakt.

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