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Stigmatized Drummer

Version: Kontakt / WAV / 1.8 GB / V1

Metal Oriented Drumming Library

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Product Overview

STIGMATIZED DRUMMER is a HI-END METAL oriented Drumming Library recorded in exhaustive. After trying and testing every possible setup, mic placement and tuning the results are organic, full cracking and "in your face". Every drum piece was recorded both left and right handed and with up to 60 velocity layers resulting in unparalleled quality Advanced Scripting gives you the right tools to control everything in a top notch designed interface. Included in the library are hundreds of focused grooves which can be played directly through the Groove Browser or drag'n'drop into your DAW Stigmatized Drummer contains all the tools, effects and features to create your perfect drumtrack. Our sophisticated SPLIT technology, the 16 track flexible MIXER and the MATRIX ROUTER offer full control on every internal buss. Creating the perfect Drumtrack has never been so easy.

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If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Stigmatized Drummer

Image supporting REQUIREMENTS


  • KONTAKT or higher(full version of KONTAKT required)
  • 2 GB of RAM minimum. We recommend at least 4 GB.
  • 4.5 GB of free Hard Disc space.


Once downloaded please watch this video for full set-up instructions:


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STIGMATIZED DRUMMER is a must for EXTREME DRUMMING.  Although it's "mix ready",meaning that you simply Load it and you are ready to go,it has a lot of headroom for adjustments and creating your own tones. Finally it can act perfect in a lot of other genres (Hard rock,Pop,etc) because it comes in 2 versions...  

STIGMATIZED XTREME : Processed METAL oriended "mix ready" version. STIGMATIZED RAW       : A really raw version,a producers choice,100% as recorded giving the possibility to start from scratch. Using all these features the possibilities are endless... ONLY YOU CAN SET THE LIMITS !

Image supporting INTEGRATED MIXER


16 Channel mixer for full control of the Drumkit. The OVERHEADS BUS is split to separate and independent channels (RIDE, CRASH, WOODEN CELLS )without altering the sound so the control is much more precise. With SOLO, MUTE and PAN controls on every channel it's easy to achive a well balanced mix but if you want to go further just route your tracks to your DAW from the coresponding build in outputs,so you can use your favourite plugins. Use the internal HI-END effects (G-EQUALIZER, TRANSIENT-MASTER, SOLID BUS COMPRESSOR, TAPE-SATURATOR) to sculpt your sound.