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Statix II

Version: Kontakt 5.5 / WAV / V1

Vinyl Emulation





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Product Overview

StatiX II is is a powerful tool which emulates the sound of a vinyl record and turntable.

It is extremely useful for adding grit, dirt and noise to your productions to get that authentic vintage vinyl sound. Very useful for for hip hop music producers, beat-makers and anything in between.

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Vinyl Control

It contains a selection of controls that allow you to change the amount of dust, electric noise, motor noise, scratch volume and number of scratches. You can also select from 9 different types of vinyl including:

  • 78RPM 10 Inch 1920s
  • 45RPM 7 Inch 1960s
  • 33RPM 12 Inch 1980s
  • etc


Statix II also has a very flexible randomasition control so you can quickly and easily mix up all parameters to generate different vinyl sounds.  

All controls are automatable so you are able to adjust the depth of each control in your DAW.



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Another Hidden Gem

This beautiful and very convincing vinyl effect, presented in a for of an instrment for Kontakt, is really one of the best, easiest and most realistic vinyl and turntable emulations, which you can use without having to wrestle with your DAW.

The most beautiful part of this already outstanding product, appart of its presets that can serve as start points for finier settings and further experimentation, is the possibility of randomisation that works pretty well.

I am very satisfied with Statix II and will surely make a demo after I happilly overcome this amazing and very gratifying phase of still playing with it.

Very recommended product and very interesting dev. Cheers for him!

Pedro Kerstitzsch

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