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Stacker: Cinematic Pulses
The Last Haven


Stacker: Cinematic Pulses

Version: Kontakt 5.5 / WAV / 1 GB / V1

Stacked Cinematic Pulses

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Product Overview

"STACKER" is a new line of sample libraries by The Last Haven, with new functions, a new interface and uncountable ways of using. "STACKER: Cinematic Pulses" contains 144 hand-crafted rhythmic loops mainly aimed at soundtracks and trailer music. Create a new cinematic groove instantly - by stacking tonal and non-tonal samples and randomizing the entire effects system.

Make your own experiments using our brand new Grid and Flow tools integrated into our time-tested Flow Engine 3.2. An infinite amount of cinematic sounds - right at your fingertips! "STACKER: Cinematic Pulses" consists of just one patch that features our scripts and effects system called Flow Engine 3.2.

It contains Pulse Control, step-sequenced Flow Fliters and Destructor, Macro Control, a variety of other effects and the powerful Flow randomizer. Do anything you want - slightly adjust the sound or transform it beyond recognition!

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If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Stacker: Cinematic Pulses

Image supporting CINEMATIC PULSES


"STACKER: Cinematic Pulses" brings you a large number of cinematic rhythmic loops mainly aimed at soundtracks and trailer music. For over 6 months we have been capturing, programming and processing recordings of a cello, an electric guitar, a drumkit and lots of analog and digital synths. The result is the pack of qualitative loops for both composing from scratch and augmenting an existing track. We have created 4 instances of "STACKER" with different tempo-syncing tools: Beat Machine, Time Machine, Time Machine Pro and a special Developer Selection, where we chose the best type of syncing for each sample individually.

Image supporting GRID AND FLOW


Among the new functions we included in "STACKER" interface we are especially proud to introduce these two: Grid and Flow. Grid is a highly intuitive way of managing the source samples: you just click on the samples you want to use. Unused samples are purged automatically. No need to scroll across hundreds of separate patches and try all of them - everything is right in front of your sight. The Flow tool is the main instrument for experimenting. Just click "Flow Grid", and the interface will pick random samples and create a new cinematic groove with them. Click "Flow Effects", and the whole Flow Engine 3 will be randomized, giving you a unique way of processing the groove you have. Here you decide what to do - to build the pulse yourself or to choose a random result.

Image supporting STACK THE FX


We've got so much in our Flow Engine 3.2 specially for this library. We still have LFO designer for pan and volume, 4-band EQ, step-sequencing filters and distortion and bitcrusher, rotator, repeater/delay and a combination of 3 reverb effects: digital reverb, convolution and mutation FX. Moreover, now we have the Pulse Control (instead of Note Control), which allows you to adjust pitch, pan and volume of each pulse separately. All the parameters of these effects can be randomized by "Flow Effects" button - use it if you want to get an absolutely new and unexpected way of sound morphing. Also you can use the Macro function to save 2 presets of the entire Flow Engine 3 and blend them together.


  • 144 cinematic pulses (WAV 24 bit, 48000 Hz);
  • over 1 GB of uncompressed sound sources;
  • Developer Sync Selection, BM, TM and TMPro patches;
  • over 7000 lines of custom code;
  • Flow Engine 3.2 with 8 effects and the Macro tool.


  • full retail version of Kontakt 5.5.0 (not compatible with free Kontakt player!);
  • approx. 2 GB free on your harddrive to download and unpack the library;
  • 8 GB RAM recommended.