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Smack: Claps, Snaps and Stomps

Version: Kontakt 5.1 / NCW / V1

A comprehensive claps, snaps, stomps, and percussion virtual instrument





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Product Overview

Big Fish Audio is proud to present SMACK: Claps, Snaps & Stomps! A time-saving resource for the modern composer, this collection of various claps, snaps, stomps, bass drums, shakers, tambourines, and found percussion will easily unlock your creativity. This unique percussion virtual instrument is the perfect tool to add color to music of any genre, or provide the foundation for your next composition.

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SMACK was created to save you time and enhance the creative process by deeply sampling various groups of percussion, claps, snaps, and stomps.

With single, small group, and large group options, there are limitless songwriting applications!

Use the intuitive user interface to easily navigate between up to 10 groups per patch, and strengthen each sample by adding any of the 8 premium FX included.


SMACK - Bass Drums, Toms, Stomps Small, Stomps Large, Claps Single, Claps Small Group, Claps Large group, Snaps Single, Snaps Small Group, and Snaps Large Group.

Claps & Snaps Natural - Claps Natural Single, Claps Natural Group, Snaps Natural Single, and Snaps Natural Group.

Claps & Snaps Electronic - Claps Electronic and Snaps Electronic.

Stomps - Kick, Kick Combos, Stomps, Toms, Wood, Plastic, and Metal.

Combos - Combo 1, Combo 2, Combo 3, Combo 4, Combo 5, Combo 6, and Combo 7.

Shakers & Tambourines - Shaker Collection, Glass Metal Gravel, Tambourine RR, Shaker RR, and Tambourine Collection.

Found Percussion - Low Percussion, Industrial Percussion, Household Percussion, Kitchen Percussion, Loose Percussion, and Ticks.

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This product is distributed by Big Fish Audio. After you purchase the product you will be provided with a serial number. Please visit the following url and enter the serial to download the product and get your Kontakt Player Codes.


"4.5/5! If you need quick access to high quality percussion like kicks, stomps, claps, snaps, shakers, tambourines or even found sound percussive samples, you may want to check out SMACK."  - Boom And Bap

"4/5! A very useful tool for busy media composers, a bit of ‘old school’ blues stomping, or building an unconventional rhythm track for your left-of-centre music production."  - Sound On Sound


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