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Product Overview

Slow is a library of ambient pads and soundscapes. It features a finely picked selection of sounds that can be blended and morphed with 2 layers. As well as this, Slow has a powerful interface allowing for plenty of customisation. Each sound layer has their own custom LFO's that can modulate multiple parameters allowing for sounds with movement and swell to be created.

Each layer has 4 effect slots, these have the categories Sculpt, Blur and Modify, with each category having a selection of effects available such as; reverb, convolution, tone, filters and distortion. Slow is ideal for cinematic atmospheres or ambient music.

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Inspired by Tim Hecker, Boards of Canada, Stars Of The Lid, Oneohtrix Point Never, Mark Pritchard, and Benoit Pioulard, Slow has 62 sounds to choose from. These have been custom made for this library and originate from synthesised, granulated and organic sources. 17 of these sounds are textures, which are designed to blend with melodic sounds. Texture sounds behave slightly differently to regular sounds. They are monophonic rather than polyphonic and work on a ‘first note pressed sustains’ basis. In other words if you play a chord with a texture sound, the first note of the chord that is pressed is the pitch that will be played and will be unchanged until all notes are released. This ensures a consistent backdrop texture sound for when you are playing.


Slow has over 40 main presets that are ready-to-use and display some of the aspects of the Slow engine. As well as these, there are also over 40 starter presets, which are simple patches that demonstrate each of the oscillator sounds. The main 40+ are split into 5 categories, AMB PAD (ambient pad), MDLTN (modulation), TXTR (texture) and XPRMT (experimental). These presets often make use of the powerful LFOs and have a selection of controls assigned to CC1 for extra dynamic modulation. In the Multis folder is a selection of Kontakt multi instruments that feature multiple instances of Slow resulting in full rich pads and textures.


Freely Assignable LFOs

Each of the 2 layers of Slow has a customisable LFO that can be assigned to a huge selection of parameters. Assignable parameters have a modulation intensity slider adjacent to them that allow you to set the amount of modulation for each control. 

See Modulation Happen

Each control that can be modulated has a marker on the inside of the graphic showing you exactly what is happening.

4 Effects Slots

Each slot has 4 effects slots with 16 effects options to choose from. The 4 slots correspond to the order of the effects chain, allowing control of the signal flow. There are many effects that you would expect in a fully featured synth such as reverb, distortions, phaser, chorus, etc. As well as this there are some interesting filter options such as formant and vowel filters, and a creative convolution reverb.

62 Oscillator Sounds

Slow has 62 unique sounds which can be chosen for each layer allowing for endless blending options. These sounds have been custom made for this product and are from a variety of synthesised, granulated and organic sources. Each sound is many seconds long and has natural movement and character.


Slow features a huge selection of ready made presets: 44 main presets, 10 multis and 45 simple starter patches. These range from calm ambient pads, to atmospheric textures to experimental sound design. They have been set to the be very easy to use with a lot of them featuring the modwheel for additional dynamic modulation.

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  • This library requires the full version of Kontakt 5.5 to work. It will only work in demo mode if you have the free Kontakt Player.
  • Because this product is not for Kontakt Player, it cannot be added with the ‘add library’ function, you must instead load the .nki files through the file browser, or by dragging and dropping.
  • 62 ncw samples.
  • 24bit 44.1khz stereo samples
  • 569 MB installed
  • 567 MB download


  • 44 presets, 10 multi presets and 45 basic starter presets. (109 in total)
  • See the LFO modulation happen in real-time.
  • Convolution reverb with creative impulses.
  • 'Tone' effect that uses short impulse responses to shape the sound.
  • Draw your own LFO waveform or use the random/smooth controls.
  • Emotive samples made from granular/organic/synthesised sources.
  • Assign the modwheel to work as a macro slider.
  • 14 filter types.


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Some nice big sounding pads on this...

Jon Passmore

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