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Silver Screen Toolkit

Version: Kontakt 5.8 / WAV / V1

Complete Cinematic Trailer Toolkit


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Product Overview

Silver Screen Toolkit is a Kontakt library for all kinds of cinematic music, including film and game soundtracks, trailer cues and production tracks.

Silver Screen Toolkit includes a wide range of sound tools – Everything you need. From booms, hits and whooshes to pulses and sound design instruments, every sample is original and has its unique sonic characteristics.

The library is not only cutting-edge in its sound – it brings you instant emotions and inspiration.

Silver Screen Toolkit features a powerful and flexible user interface.

The core idea behind it is the balance between functionality and convenience. This engine presents you all the sounds in one instrument, ready for use. All necessary functions are there – attack and release, speed, offset and gate controls.

The interface also includes effects such as filters, distortion, lo-fi, delay, reverb and post-filters.

PLEASE NOTE: The FULL version of Kontakt 5.8.0 is required (NOT Kontakt Player)

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Silver Screen Toolkit contain 45 different .nki files rangin from bends, booms, hits, drops, whoosh, ornaments, tension builders, drumkit, rhythms and much more!

In total there is 4.5GB of sample data in unlocked ready-to-use WAV format

The interface contains 3 parts – Waveform, General and Effects.

The waveform section shows you the actual waveform of the last played sample. Also it contains the cursor of the offset function. You can drag it to adjust the start point of sample playback. This cursor may be unavailable in some Pulses instruments.

Please refer to the user guide for more information

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