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Scoring Box - Synthetica
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Audio Reward


Scoring Box - Synthetica

Version: Kontakt 5.8.1 / NCW / V1

Designed for cinematic and film-scoring.



Download Method: Kontakt Hub

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Product Overview

Scoring Box - Synthetica has been developed as a joint project between Dream Audio Tools and Audio Reward.

It contains a wealth of custom made samples designed specifically for cinematic and film-scoring applications.

We placed these samples inside a dedicated Kontakt engine designed to give you maximum control when sculpting your sounds.

Please Note: The FULL version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or above is required. Not for Kontakt Player

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Image supporting SCULPT YOUR SOUND


The Designer Page is the main sound design page where you can blend the 2 voices together in a variety of interesting ways. There is an in-built browser for selecting the source sounds along with filters, envelopes, pan, pitch and volume controls per voice. You can also set Vibrato and Tremolo on this page.

There are 4 send level controls per voice and a dedicated glide control per voice too.

To add a little vintage feel to the sounds there are also global drift and RR controls.

You can also randomise just the Voices, Mods or Filter Envelopes using the buttons on this page.

Image supporting THE BROWSER


The in-built browser allows you to find the sound you need quickly..

There are 2 categories ‘Sustained’ and ‘Sequenced’.

Choose the sound you want and click LOAD. While the browser panel is open you can click between voice 1 and 2 and load either of them without having to close the browser.

Image supporting RHYTHMIC POWER


The Arp Page is an exceptionally powerful multi-key sequencer with 6 lanes. Each lane repsents a different key that you press on your keyboard.

For example, lane 1 will play the sequence corresponding to the first note you press, lane 2 will play the sequence from the second key you press etc. Each lane

Image supporting GATED EFFECTS


You also have access to 4 Gates (2 per voice). Each gate can be assigned to one of nine different destinations.

You can set the Tempo and Number of Steps per Gate.

The Retrigger button starts the gate sequence each time a new key is pressed and the Envelope button makes the per step envelope more pronounced - enabling you to create ‘choppy’ sequences.

Image supporting EFFECTS


You have access to 6 different send level effects and can activate up to 4 at once.

Each effects has the main controls available to you for editing and the amount of each signal that is sent to each effect is controlled from the designer page.

We have also given you access to 20 effects.

Each effect Voices signal can be send directly to up to 4 of these effects at once - Giving you unprecendented control over the final signal.

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