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Rhythm Fluids Complete

Version: Kontakt 5.5 / WAV / 1 GB / V1

Hybrid Scoring Tool

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Product Overview

«Rhythm Fluids Complete» is a hybrid scoring tool designed to create new compositions or to augment existing tracks.

This library contains over 200 rhythmic textures and melodic lines designed with both acoustic and synth sources. We used guitars, strings, basses, tuned percussion, woodwinds, analog and digital synthesizers to create these pulsing evolving sounds.

This library contains textural, melodic and noise loops.

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If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Rhythm Fluids Complete


You can use them to build a track from scratch or to augment your composition quickly. All patches in “Rhythm Fluids Complete” feature our brand new Flow Engine 3.1, which allows you to transform your sound beyond recognition.

Whether you want to add a filter or a little distortion, or you want to create something beyond recognition – you are equipped with 6 custom scripted effects and a macro controller to rule them all.

You can also go deep into experiments and use the Flow randomizer to get absolutely unexpected results!




“Rhythm Fluids Complete” contains 3 types of patches: — Textural; — Melodic; — Noise.

“Textural” instruments contain mostly “static” sounds: they are sustained on one note or a chord.

“Melodic” instrument gives you a pack of evolving melodic lines.

“Noise” patch contains a couple of rhythmic patterns created with white, pink & brown noise.

Each patch features Flow Engine 3.1. In the folder “Samples” you can find all sample sources included in the library. We decided not to compress samples, so all sources are distributed in open “.wav” format. You can import these samples directly to your DAW.

As this library requires the full version of Kontakt and is not compatible with its Player version, it will not appear in the “Libraries” tab. You can load the instruments from the built-in file browser or via Quick Load option.

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Our brand new Flow Engine 3.1 is a system of custom scripts, effects and tools. It allows you to manage over 500 parameters of sound.

Flow Engine 3.1 contains 6 various effects: 4-band EQ, step-sequencing filters & distortion & bitcrusher, rotator, repeater/delay and a combination of 3 reverb effects: digital reverb, convolution and mutation FX.

If you want to get absolutely new and unexpected sounds, use the Flow button — it will randomize all the controllers. Also you can use the Macro function to save 2 presets of the entire Flow Engine 3 and blend them together.


  • Brand new custom Flow Engine 3.1
  • 200+ sounds
  • All samples in WAV format
  • Full retail version of Kontakt 5.5.0 (not compatible with free Kontakt player!
  • Approx. 2 GB free on your harddrive to download and unpack the library
  • 4 GB RAM recommended.