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Rhythm Fluids
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Rhythm Fluids

Version: Kontakt 5.5 / WAV / 0.3 GB / V1

Fluid Dynamics

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Product Overview

Rhythm Fluids contains rhythmic loops designed with vast range of sound sources: pianos, guitars, strings, woodwinds, found percussions, analog and digital synthesizers. All recordings were carefully processed and edited to become a unique collection of atmospheric evolving pulses synced to your host BPM.
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Image supporting Dedicated Control

Dedicated Control

All samples in Synthesis: Rhythm Fluids are divided into 3 sound banks: Low, Mid and High.

Flow Engine 2 with Macros, Note Control, Equalizer, Filters, Destructor (distortion + bitcrusher), Rotator, Mutation, Repeater (delay) and Space Engine (convolution/digital reverb). Also includes Pitch and Velocity Sequencers.

Image supporting Effects and Randomisation

Effects and Randomisation

The Flow engine has dedicated controls over many different parameters and can re-sequence your sound instantly with the randomise button