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Reed Organ
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Marcos Ciscar


Reed Organ

Version: Kontakt 5.8 / NCW / V1

Vintage Swedish Organ for kontakt



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Product Overview

Reed Organ is a M-S Stereo 24 bit - 96KHz recording of an old swedish reed organ by J.Eriksson. Actually, it was the brand of choice for the Swedish king Oscar II.

It was carefully restored and recorded note by note.

The aim here was to capture the sound of old times; organic breathing tones and noises that fit well in film music, indie etc.

Please note that the pedal noise is always present in the sound as the organ needs air to produce sound from the pipes. It works almost like an accordion.

Please Note - The full version of Kontakt 5.8+ is required (Not Kontakt Player)

Sound Design/Sampling/Trailer Music/Video by Marcos Ciscar

Interface and design by Divergent Audio Group

Photos by

(c) Copyright Marcos Ciscar 2018

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The keys F0 - F5 contain the organ notes.


A0: Pedal noise loop to be added to the sound for more noise or for silent passages. This gives a more authentic sound.
B0: Pedal noises diminishing. For ending purposes.
C0 - E0: Various noises from pedals and register buttons.

Midi Controller CC1:

The modulation wheel controls the tone of the organ. In resting mode the tone is bright and open. Adding modulation makes the tone darker like when you press the pedals more slowly or stop pressing them which stops the organ from sounding shortly after the sound getting darker.



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A fun instrument !

This Reed Organ can convey a wonderful sense of humour and fun. I was experimenting and doubled the music on a second instance which I transposed one octave lower in my DAW. Some of the notes were then too low to sound but in their place I heard enchantingly comical key clapper sounds which unwittingly added a subtle rhythmic percussion.

I find it very versatile and imagine it can also play in soulful mood.

Kay von Randow

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