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Version: Kontakt 5.7 / WAV / V1.01

Innovative physical modelling/granular sound design engine



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Product Overview

Recoil is a quad-voice sound engine – featuring an innovative physical modelling/granular engine and thus offers a new approach to generating sounds and produces some truly different and unique output.

Alongside these features Recoil has a powerful set of effects. There’s a send effects rack (with 4 different slots) and each voice has its own independent in-line effect rack, again with 4 slots.

V1.01 Update - Fixed display in Loop Point window

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Recoil employs a unique physical modelling engine, that each voice can be routed through. The engine can be used to generate pulsing and rhythmic sounds, pitch shifting sounds and blurred granular effects for truly unique output.


Recoil comes with 469 one-shot Foley and effect samples, and over 100 snapshots.


Recoil has a secure serial system to prevent piracy. When you purchase Recoil you will also receive a 20 digit serial number. Please refer to the user manual for instructions.



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Niche, but nice!

This one may fill a niche you didn't even know you had. The 471 mostly foley voices, arranged in 15 categories, may not be especially glamorous, but even though numbers of them are similar to each other, the four individually-selected voice layers make billions of combinations possible in the mixer section and hundreds of trillions via the Emitter-Exciter sections. The snapshots are instructive, and once I grasped the workings of the Emitter-Exciter-Resonator sections, I lost track of time just generating sound after sound from any given snapshot. Melodic patches are not the focus of this library (although some of the snapshots indicate that the engine would be capable and interesting with a set of samples so tailored). A brief, clearly-written and instructive manual is included but there is something major that the manual omits: RECOIL has a bespoke randomization feature that randomizes the voices and some other settings in the mixer section but nothing in the Emitter-Exciter-Resonator sections. Just click on the word RECOIL. I do have a number of other sfx generators but this one is a bargain and it becomes easy to use and to create surprising results.

Stan Borek

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