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Version: Kontakt 4.2.3 / WAV / V1

Intense Bass Module



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Product Overview

PULSE is the mutha of all bass modules and has been created for those with 'issues'.

The idea behind this particular module was quite simple: to create a bass module that not only boasts some very distinct oscillators but also provides 'layers' to ..er...layer the primary oscillators with. These layers have been processed with comb filtering and some specific phase cancellation to provide acres of scope for layering sounds.

Married to this 7 oscillator facility comes a ton of warping and mauling tools. Ring, Scuzz, Chrome, Colour and so on, describe beautifully what the functions do and they came from a very disturbed place. And if that wasn't enough, well, I threw in a detailed WOBBLE section for those of you that are into Dubstep. The rest is sheer saturation and distortion mayhem but in a clear kinda way...if you know what I ..er mean...

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Chaining specific effects and dynamics into single function knobs and dials not only makes it easy to run deep edits on the go but it makes for a much more pleasing approach to sound design. Additionally, the whole concept of making everything simple and beautiful gave me an insight into how to design a functioning GUI whilst maintaining control. The decision to chain and condense effects and dynamics into single functions was made to help beginners and intermediates understand and utilize commonly desired processes, and this is no more evident than that which we whisper amongst ourselves: PULSE!

The real power of PULSE lies not only in the layering process but the actual processing of the effects and dynamics.

If you like your bass modules to have the bog standard waveforms coupled with a few token effects then sod off! However, if, like me, you like things a tad EXTREME then PULSE will make you moist.

Oh, and DON'T touch 'THAT DIAL' in the middle. Not unless you've eaten and had your iron tablets.


  • 3 oscillators with ADSR envelopes for each waveform
  • Rich Saw: processed using comb filtering for the layering processes.
  • Sine/Square: created as a pure hybrid waveform. Square has been added for harmonic content which becomes relevant when using the Colours section.
  • Throat: a heavily processed formant waveform that is critical in achieving Dubstep basses.
  • 4 more oscillators, or Layers, with ADSR envelopes for each waveform:
  • Ring: a waveform created with sidebands as a result of summing and subtracting. This allows for extreme ring modulated effects.
  • Scuzz: a truly big metallic waveform with odd/even harmonics accented with comb filtering.
  • Metal: metallic waveform that is an essential requirement for edgy basses. This has been created using FM synthesis and is so balanced that it is a sound in its own right.
  • Chrm (chrome): another softer metallic waveform saturated and retuned for creating DX type metallic tones. Once used as a layer the user could seek treatment to help abate the impact of the texture.
  • Elastic: A band pass filter with control over PHS (phase), FD (fade), Q (bandwidth/resonance) and PNT (swept cut-off).
  • Wobble: Wobble is a 6 Pole Low Pass Filter.
  • The Wobble dial controls the RATE (freq) and is fixed as a Sine LFO. There is the standard Cut-Off and Resonance to help maul the effect. The FADE dial controls the fade value of the modulator (time taken to fade into the rate) and the PHASE dial controls the LFO phase value (cycle point trigger).
  • Behaviour: In addition to the Wobble features I have supplied a section dedicated to the Behaviour of the Wobble and this includes the ADSR envelope to shape the modulator effect and AMT which controls level of intensity.
  • Colour: This section handles the dynamic processing of PULSE and includes the following:
  • EDGE: this controls a Flange effect I have edited for use with the Layers and makes metallic tones sound rich and large.
  • MAUL: this is a self oscillating 3x2 filter with the dial control the cut-off. Handle with care as the bandwidth can be narrow to painful levels.
  • GRN A and B: these Grains are very specific EQs and can add harmonic tones to existing Oscs and Layers.
  • Band: This section deals with another 3x2 filter with CRNT (Current) controlling the cut-off and COL (Colour) controlling the Amount. However, these controls are not as simple as that and once you start to use them you will notice how specific they are in affecting different layers and oscs.
  • Global: A global master section that contains the standard Amp Env, Tune, Velocity, Level and Glide for the whole module.
  • Juice: A little hidden secret that is not labeled. What is Juice? Well, turn the dial and find out. It is a send control for a convolution I have created specifically for this module. It makes the instrument BIGGER, FATTER, DEEPER and affords it tons of PRESENCE!


  • PULSE comes with 75 presets, created to give you a taste of what can be achieved with this beast! But please mangle things and explore the vast potential of PULSE!!


  • Kontakt 4.2.3 full or later version
  • Windows® XP (SP2, 32bit) / Vista® (32/64 Bit), Windows 7® (32/64 Bit), Pentium® or Athlon XP 1.4 GHz, 2 GB RAM
  • Mac OS® X 10.5 or higher, Intel® Core™ Duo 1.8 GHz, 2 GB RAM
  • NOTE : DruMM will work with Kontakt Player but only in 'demo' mode and the session will be time limited.
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