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Lush Organic Sounds for Composers

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Product Overview

This stunning new library contains over 100 unique presets, including 10 glass and metallic instruments, 30 textures and pads, 20 moments and 20 preset percussion rhythms which have over 1500 possible variations.

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Primal was designed with you, the composer in mind. These luscious organic instruments are one of a kind, and have been carefully crafted to provide you with a truly original sound palate that will breathe new life in to your scores. 

Requires FULL Kontakt 5.5.2 - Will not work with Kontakt Player


  • 100 unique presets
  • 10 glass and metallic instruments
  • 30 textures and pads
  • 20 moments
  • 20 preset percussion rhythms which have over 1500 possible variations
  • Photosynthesis Kontakt Engine


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Primal by Sonixinema

A nice companion for Sonus Dept's Ritual, Sonixinema's Primal offers more organic instruments that are fairly versatile, but might work specifically well for cold ambient, dark ambient, ritual ambient, and soundtrack work. The instrument section has a beautiful collection of glass/mallet/bowl type patches. The hit section offers simple but effective percussive and foley patches. And there's also the texture and moment sections that sound nice and can fill your backgrounds with ease. Some patches are rhythm-based and these can be altered extremely quickly with the step sequencer and comprehensive effect options. And if you're a fan of the Photosynthesis engine, this won't disappoint in that department either. The price tag is probably a bit much, but what you get is good.