Portamatic - Analog drums from MK100 and Wersi Matic
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Version: Kontakt 4.2.4 / AIFF / V1

Analog drums from MK100 and Wersi Matic



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Product Overview

In PortaMatic you'll find a collection of analog sounds, sampled from Yamaha PortaSound MK100 and a Wersi Matic CX-1, along with some custom additions. Most of the sounds are dry, while some are processed just a little bit. 

If you want to go a little crazy, try playing around with the long spring reverbs we sampled for the Snare Drums 2 group using a classic Roland RV-800 spring reverb. Using the hold and Spring Decay settings creatively, you can make a really cool sounding gated reverb - combine this with individual pitch via Note Edit for an all 80s experience :-)

PortaMatic is probably best described as "just really analog", and certainly has a distinct vintage vibe to it.

Please Note: The Full version of Kontakt 4.2.4 or above is required. Not for Kontakt Player.

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BMS (Beaotic Mapping Standard). Note and control mapping are the same across all Beaotic kits, making it possible to exchange kits along the way without thinking about note and control data.

ROUND ROBIN in 5 layers provides a more organic sound by cycling through 5 different samples every time you hit a note. This eliminates the so-called machine gun effect.

VELOCITY ACCENT adds 5 additional Round Robin layers for velocities at or above 85. Velocities at or below 84 hold the 5 Round Robin layers without Accent. This makes it possible to mimic Accent on a per-note basis. The Accent slider controls the Volume on the accent layers.

VELOCITY TO START results in a sonic expression very different from Velocity to VCA (volume). It controls the start position within each sample via Velocity. The harder you hit the note, the closer you get to the actual start of the sample.

OSCILLATOR DRIFT is a function that adds a subtle pitch randomization, very similar to the pitch drift on old analog oscillators. By using Oscillator Drift you get a more organic pitch.

IMPACT is a powerful feature of the Bass Drums group. By adjusting Impact Level, Impact Color and/or Impact Decay it is possible to change the sounds radically.

SNAPPY in the Snare Drums 2 group resembles that of a classic Roland drum machine, but we added Snappy Color and Snappy Decay for more flexibility and fun.

STICK BALANCE in the Hi-hat 2 group adjusts the balance between a noisy Hi-hat and a drum stick.

NOTE EDIT is where you make individual adjustments of Pitch, Level, Pan and Output of each notes's sound. Pitch can be either absolute or relative to that of the group.

All samples in every Beaotic kit are recorded at 96 kHz. This gives each sound a more accurate amount of overtones, notably when pitched down. Of course it's all recorded in 24 bit with the shortest possible signal chain.


FREE UPDATES are included for the entire product lifetime. All accessories, templates and guides will be developed and made available on this webpage for free as well.

Please note: Beaotic kits require the full version of Kontakt 4.2.4 or later. The free Kontakt Player is not supported. No sequencer or pattern player is included. Much more information is available under documentation.

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