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Piano Noir

Version: Kontakt 4.2.2 / WAV / V1

Cinematic Piano with Percussive Elements



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Product Overview

Piano Noir is a virtual instrument sampled from a Guild & Sons square grand (or box grand) piano.

High quality condenser and PZM microphones were used to capture the instrument at a 48kh, 24 bit rate.

This Particular piano is a “piano forte”, constructed in 1879, leather and copper were used in the construction of the strings, giving the square grand a softer intonation than more modern pianos. One should keep in mind this is not a perfect virtual instrument, but more an authentic capturing of an aging and unique sound set.

In the piano's multi-layer velocity scheme the higher velocity ranges include key slaps and creaking artifacts.

A velocity sensitive “bell sweetener” was added to the instrument to enhance some of the lost high and low end characteristics of the instrument that have degraded over time. Some key interpolation was required as well since some keys and strings have been damaged beyond repair.

The instrument was sampled using a mid-side stereo microphone placement technique.

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Additional Samples

Piano Noir also includes four additional key switches that contain cinematic or ambient percussion, de-tuned tones, and sound effects derived from the same square grand and recorded in the same setting as the piano itself.



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For my purposes, this piano needs some editing. The release is too long, and there is too much delay before the hammers hit the strings. My gripe with this library isn’t that I have to tweak it, it’s that I can’t easily do it. The design of the instrument makes tweaking virtually impossible. All of the individual samples are contained within three huge wave files. The individual key and velocity zones point to sections of those giant wave files and are contained within 73 groups all labeled “slices mapped” . . . not very helpful.

I was able to add envelope generators to adjust the release, but I can’t fine a way to adjust the delay out of the samples. In the past, I’ve contacted other library developers with similar questions, but no contact info is provided for Ken Pond.

Thomas Metcalf

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Verified Review

An Interesting Collection Thing

The library has been made with a lot of negligence, but I like it because with all the imperfections and errors, it's a nice collecting thing.

How would you give life to an old, dusty, broken and out of tune fortepiano? With an old, dusty, broken and out of tune sounding library, of course. And that's the beauty of this virtual instrument.

Perhaps a bit overpriced, but OK when you buy it on sale.

Pedro Kerstitzsch

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