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Analog Style Drum Synth

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Product Overview

Phreakdrum is an analog-style drum synthesizer, pre-loaded with 50 factory drum kits. It comes with seven parts, that can be edited to your liking, copied and pasted and even randomized. Phreakdrum delivers punchy, gritty and raw drum sounds. It can also sound very nice and subtle if you prefer.

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If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Phreakdrum


  • real analog-style synthesis with 5 different waveforms.
  • 7 drum parts with copy/paste/randomize.
  • body, sizzle and noise generator section.
  • 4 different sizzle waveforms with LP/HP filter.
  • white and brown-noise generator with LP/HP filter.
  • MP60 engine sample-playback button per drum part.
  • transient shaper per drum part.
  • additional click generator for sharpening a drum´s attack.
  • kick drum can be played tonally (ideal for e.g. trap music).
  • 8 BUS effects per drum part including flam/retrigger.
  • amp, pitch and filter envelope with LP/HP filter.
  • velocity sensitive.
  • built-in file browser.
  • save and load kits / drum parts.
  • MIDI mapping for most of the parameters (per drum part).
  • 50 inspiring factory kits included.
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Phreak my drums

Good addition to anybody's drum rig.

Michael Wiedmer