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Audio Reward



Version: Kontakt 5.8.1 / NCW / V1

Futuristic Synth with Advanced Sequencing Capabilities



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Product Overview

Phenomena is a dual voice sample-based synthesizer packed full with modern analog synthesiser sounds.

Phenomena includes many "classic" synthesis controls, like envelopes and filters, along with advanced customised controls for sculpting and shaping modern innovative and original synthesiser sounds quickly and efficiently.

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Image supporting DUAL VOICES


Phenomena contains two sound sources. Each source is packed with modern synthesizer sounds taken from a selection hardware synthesizers. Each source is multisampled and perfectly looped.

Image supporting INDIVIDUAL GATES


Each Source can run individual gated patterns which can be assigned to Vol, LoPass, HiPass, BandPass, Distortion, LoFi, Formant, Skreamer or Rotary Effects.

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Phenomena features an advanced 'Mulit-key' sequencer. Unlike other sequencers, this enables you to run up to 8 different sequencers at the same time based on how many notes are pressed on your keyboard. The first lane corresponds to the first key pressed, the second lane to the second key and so on. It's incredibly flexible and easy to use.


For more information please check out the Sample Library Review: 

"It offers a plethora of sounds that will make Daft Punk’s fans and 80s’ kids happy, without deluding those who are looking for more modern, Dub-Step influenced, sounds.

The step sequencer is very powerful and can individually control up to 8 different notes while every knob has its own LFO. A real joy to use when in need of polyrhythms!"



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Another crazy-good Audio Reward synth

This one joins Brood and a few other Kontakt instruments in bringing newer approaches to sequencing capabilities, not only with a multi-key sequencer but also with pop-up sequenced LFOs that appear when you turn on a radio button for a control knob/slider (a la Chordscape). So, even without the added sound-shifting capabilities of the multi-key sequencers, Phenomena is capable of subtle to mind-boggling sound permutations. The Designer tab interface and the voices are classic synth with capabilities that stay out of the way until you need/want them. Pads are easy to create from even aggressive snapshots with quck adjustments of envelope attacks and filter Freq and Reso tweaks. Even with only the capabilities of the pop-up LFOs, it's relatively simple and quick to develop styles and approaches to creating evolving sounds and textures (You could also make a scary, moving knobs/sliders twonky video). If messing with the AHDSR doesn't sit well with your ADHD, there is randomization of settings and sequences, and saving/loading of sequences. The browser that lets you hear how the voices will affect the sound as you browse is certainly a welcome feature. The interaction between the tabs/pages can be more complicated, so read the manual (especially if you are unfamiliar with the ARP page) and watch the videos---but you get a good number of presets that illustrate some surprising capabilities of this instrument. Some of the snapshots deserve to have each and every note of the keyboard played and held, individually and chorded. Lots of sounds, features and capabilities in a well-designed classic synth GUI.

Stan Borek

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