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Paravox X

Version: Kontakt 4.2.4 / WAV / V1

Ambient Vocal Design



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Product Overview

Inspired by the success and popularity of Paravox Youth Soprano, Bela D Media introduces and new a unique vocal product.

Welcome to Paravox X – Ambient Vocal Design

Featuring the same youth soprano, Paravox X is created with previously unreleased vowel samples from the original Paravox recordings. With careful manipulation and imaginative sound design, Paravox X is to be considered a gathering of vocal generated ambient pads. The composer can perform solo voice, single lines, or full chordal composition. Paravox X gives special emphasis to the delicate and ethereal genre of music. From ghostly to angelic.

Paravox X includes sustained vocal elements such as HUM, MEH, LAH, and many more derived from chromatically sampled vowels. In addition, each sustained vocal element has softly embedded sound-designed textures such as icy whispers and ghostly breath.

The user is provided with 3 .nki files –

  • Paravox X is the full ambient design.
  • Paravox X Reverse is the full ambient design with reversed audio.
  • Paravox X Pure removes all ambient design and only the voice remains.
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V Script is a sophisticated power tool designed to ease the burden of the working composer. Most aspects are done behind the scenes or on the fly. The composer simply needs to create vocal sequences (a group of elements) and store each by a simple press of a Key-switch.

  • Real-time sequencing and instant call-back of self-created vocal movements
  • 12 storage locations
  • 12 steps per self-created phrase
  • Copy and store vocal movements via a key switch with instant call-back
  • GUI controllable attack and release per vocal element
  • GUI controllable vocal EQ
  • GUI controllable Impulse Response church reverb
  • GUI controllable user-added EFX slot
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