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Version: Kontakt 5.7 / WAV / V1.3

A brand new and revolutionary bass engine.



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Product Overview

Drumsound & Bassline Smith, one of the UK’s most successful Drum and Bass artists, have taken time out of their busy schedule to create, code and design, by hand, the first in a series of exciting Kontakt Instruments. Encapsulating all the knowledge, studio skills and dance music production experience that they have accrued over the last 20+ years this new venture is the next logical step for these prolific producers after making presets for Sugar Bytes, Waves & Loopmasters to name but a few.

NOTE: Native Instruments KONTAKT v5.7+ required (not Kontakt Player)

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Image supporting 3 OSCILLATORS


Parallax is a 3 Oscillator beast of a synth that allows the user to create unlimited production ready bass noises, with ease, using either the samples provided or by importing the user’s own WAVs by re-naming the stored samples. Once the samples have been chosen these then play in parallel with each main oscillator having its own XY pad (a new feature in Kontakt v5.7) The main oscillators have 24 filters and 9 LFO settings each to utilise and to create movement in order to sculpt the sound all of which are fully automatable in your DAW.

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As well as having most of the things you would expect with a high end synth Parallax also has it’s surprises. By cleverly utilising Kontakt’s Multi-Mode Versatile filter, meaning you can virtually have any filter type, along with a XYZ pad you have a really powerful and exciting filter at your fingertips but this is taken to the NEXT level with the QUICK ENVELOPE. This recordable envelope allows the user to record 1 second worth of movement from the XYZ pad and then, using the ENV EDIT button, it is possible to draw in your own filter shapes across XY&Z axis and then play that back using the PLAY button creating wild and exciting filter morphs.

The surprises don’t stop there, with the inclusion of 8 Insert FX and 5 Send FX. Not only have these been hand picked by Drumsound & Bassline for their effectiveness in creating fantastic character but they can also be placed in a Pre or Post position of the Multi Mode Filter in the signal chain. This again gives the user a lot more control of the character of their sound.

With 50 custom ready presets included in the package this synth is an exciting insight into Drumsound & Bassline Smith’s studio prowess.

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So, here's some of what Parallax gives you:

  • Powerful three-oscillator synth with 24 filters and 9 LFO settings
  • Flexible XY pad on each oscillator (new feature for Kontakt 5.7)
  • Expertly-curated toolbox of 8 insert effects and 5 send effects
  • Ultimate control using Kontakt's multi-mode filter in combo with an XYZ pad
  • Quick Envelope feature to let you free-draw and edit custom envelopes

Drumsound & Bassline Smith have spent years developing this synth to satisfy your hunger for making heavy, rave-shaking basslines. With fifty presets to spark your imagination, the capability to combine your own samples with the ones provided, and with near-infinite control and automation possibilities, Parallax is a new perspective on bass synths.

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