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Organic Transitions

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Product Overview

Perform percussion transitions, sweeps and crescendos in real time and add excitement or surprise to the most important parts of your arrangements. Smoothly take the listeners into a new scene or a new section of your track Design your own sweeps, risers and SFX Create fascinating textures and soundscapes for music, films and video games With a unique sample set created using shakers, rattles, tambourines, cymbals, drums, and a multitude of rare exotic percussions, ORGANIC TRANSITIONS will be a splendid addition to your sound tools!

PRACTICAL: The transitions Sets are loaded with over 240 pre-recorded transitions and let you easily audition, customise and layer them.

BREATHTAKING: create fascinating soundscapes, organic textures, original risers and ambitious SFX with 33 Kontakt multi All samples are 24bit, 48kHz.

They are raw recordings, and will respond very well to further processing (pitching, filters, EQ, reverb, delays…)

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If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Organic Transitions


Take full control over the intensity and the length of your transitions with 18 highly realistic dynamic instruments. Press a key, use the modulation wheel, release the key: it's so much fun to perform perfectly-timed shaker crescendos, tambourine sweeps, spring drum rolls...! Original and rare ethnic instruments are also included (clay water bird, african shakers, ethnic rattles, cabasas...)

Image supporting Contents


  • 1091 samples (WAV, 24bit, 48kHz)
  • 54 Kontakt instruments (full Kontakt 5.3+ required!!)
  • 20 IR (impulse responses reverbs)
  • license agreement + 16 pages user guide 
  • total size uncompressed: 2,76GB
Image supporting 4 MICROPHONE ARRAYS


The samples were recorded with 4 different microphone arrays, to provide maximum flexibility and variety of sounds. You can identify the microphones used for each samples by looking at the end of the sample’s name:

BLU- : BLUMLEIN (stereo)

  • 2 ribbon microphones (Voodoo VR1) in XY 
  • A realistic stereo image with a strong center, takes EQ very well

BI- : BINAURAL (stereo)

  • 2 omni microphones (AT4022) in a custom array
  • A very wide stereo image, extra details and emphasis on high frequencies


  • 1 large condenser microphone (Lauten Audio Clarion)
  • Great detail, solid and focused sound


  • 1 omni microphone (Shure Bullet)
  • Smooth transients, limited frequency response, plenty of character