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Version: Kontakt 5.7 / WAV / V1

Not Your Usual Orchestra Library



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Product Overview

Orchestrata is a dual-voice orchestral ROMpler for Kontakt 5.7+, but isn't intended to be a replacement for high-priced, large-gigabyte Orchestral sample libraries, it offers a range of features and sound-shaping effects, most commonly found in synthesiser systems, that allow you to obtain new orchestral and cinematic sounds, unlike any other.

Orchestrata contains samples from 12 orchestral instruments, each instrument has a range of appropriate articulations, and each articulation is sampled as a large section (5+ players), small section (3 players) and solo instrument.

The instruments included are:

• Bassoon
• Oboe
• Clarinet
• Flute
• French Horn
• Tuba
• Trombone
• Trumpet
• Contra Bass
• Cello
• Viola
• Violin

Orchestrata used as its source a set of high quality public-domain Orchestral Samples. We took these and re-worked them through our dedicated sampling process, in effect re-sampling the audio, taking special care that the results would work with our DOSA engine. Then we edited and re-mastering the files through our valve and tape mastering processes.
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Orchestrata features a dual layer architecture (so you can mix two different voices together), drift controls, creative filters and modulation controls along with a unique gate sequencer for each voice and 4 sends for each voice.

Orchestrata includes our innovative scene controls allowing you to define 3 scenes (A, B & C), each containing volume, pan and pitch settings, and then morph between them.

Orchestrata is the third product using our DOSA (Dynamic Oscillator Sequencing Architecture) Engine. DOSA is a completely new and unique approach to audio playback, it provides endless audio that subtly changes over time, adding realism, movement and interest to each voice.

NOTE: The Full version of Kontakt 5.7+ is required. Please do not purchase this if you only have Kontakt Player.


Orchestrata is the third product using our DOSA (Dynamic Oscillator Sequencing Architecture) Engine. DOSA is a completely new and unique approach to audio playback, it provides endless audio variations in every note - adding musically useful modulations that subtly changes over time, adding movement and interest to each voice and each note. The output is completely unique. Replacing endless hours of cut-and-paste audio to get anything near the same effect the sound is yours and yours alone and is as simple as selecting a set of voices and playing the instrument.

Here, in the case of orchestral instruments, the DOSA engine effect is to subtly change playback to be more like a real player and their nuances of bowing, plucking and breathing.


Orchestrata comes with over 1,700 Samples, 184 different articulation/voice/section combinations, over 2.8 Gb of audio material and 100 snapshots.


Orchestrata has a secure serial system to prevent piracy. When you purchase Orchestrata you will also receive a 20 digit serial number. Please refer to the install guide for instructions.


Audio Reward are not your average Sample Library developer, we do updates, and we do them for free to existing owners. If you buy one of our products we will offer you point releases (1.0 to 1.1 and all the way to 1.9) for all our products. These updates include bug-fixes and requested functionality as well as additional snapshots, and sometimes additional sounds. We just keep giving.



4 Stars (4)
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Verified Review

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Get it! Many times you're trying to hear the orchestra in the pad; this thing flips that and starts with the orchestra. Instruments with articulations, easily browsed and previewed, a slick "big knob" mix system with three scenes, and an efficient GUI. This is a slick and well-implemented approach to "hybrid orchestra" and orchestral effects libraries. It went right into QuickLoad. I can't stop playing with it.
Some observations: It appears that, despite the mention on p2 of the Users Manual, there is no (pitch) ARP. The Randomize function appears to affect: Main (Levels only for Vol, Pan, Pitch); Filter (knobs, LFO on/off) and EFX Sends 1-4 (levels only, not the effects/parameters). It looks like this design quickly yields good, usable results. I already regret not saving some of the randomized patches I generated. Using Randomize or loading an individual voice does not toggle the mix inclusion buttons (actuators) on/off. The manual and YouTube walkthrough seem to nicely cover everything.
I could envision a "Hyperstrata" version of this with more: instruments/articulations, mix actuator options, sequencer types/targets, convolutions for the Spaces and effects rack, and that ARP that was mentioned on p2 of the Users Guide, etc., but I think that Orchestrata works beautifully as designed. It's quick, efficient, inspirational, fun and useful. I'd say this is a home run and an absolute bargain to boot.
(P.S.: The "game Of Thrones" demo is a hoot.)

Stan Borek

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ Verified Review

Good Sound but slow to load

I like the sound of Orchestrata - interesting and like Dronar packs it uses snapshots. My only complaint is it's very slow to load and navigate. Now I DO NOT have it on an SSD which would certainly speed it up.

Gregory Boutsikaris

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Verified Review


lots of ways to play this......great evolving sounds.

David Roberts

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Verified Review

Interesting Strings

If you're tired of the same ol' string sounds, Orchestrata will be very refreshing for you. Just like Audio Rewards other products, this is like a journey in sound, with endless possibilities.

andrew owsley

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