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Offensive Synth
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Offensive Synth

Version: Kontakt 5.7.3 / NCW / V1

A 3 oscillator super synth





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Product Overview

A 3 oscillator super synth modelled on a mixture of analogue beasts. Designed to tap into both the classic analogue sound, whilst stepping out into the modern age with a multitude of modulation possibilities. From budding beginners making use of the extensive preset collection, to hardened synth wizards.

There is something for everyone.

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Offensive Synth has 3 main oscillators with 5 independently selectable waveforms. In addition there is a Sub oscillator with sinewave, and noise. A lowpass filter, with bright and strong resonance. There are 2 ADSR envelopes for both the filter & the amp and 2 incredibly powerful multiwaveform LFOs, with multiple modulation destinations, including manipulation of each other.

A versatile arpeggiator with a selection of directions and a multitude of clock synced running speeds. A polyphonic to monophonic selector with unison detune and glide.

Finally there is a built in FX section that comprises of Chorus, Delay and Reverb. To add the finishing touches to all of your creations!

In addition to the synths main parameters and modules, there are 68 custom designed presets in 6 different categories; ARP, Bass, FX, Lead, Pad, and Risers.

Designed to inspire out of the box, or as a starting place for your own custom patches!

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