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New Orleans Brass
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New Orleans Brass

Version: Kontakt 5.8.1 / WAV / V1.1

A Brass powerhouse - 5 Brass Instruments



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Product Overview

A Brass powerhouse. Specially designed to embody the charm and character of the New Orleans Brass Band sound. Equally great for injecting the funk into a record, as it is recreating that Jazz/Blues’ heartland sound. Use a multi-patch and arrive at something truly filmic too!

New Orleans Brass is a 5 instrument Brass library for the full version of Kontakt. The vision behind the instrument was to create a library that could explore fully the world of the New Orleans Brass Band, with that signature low-fi and raw sound, coupled with beautiful precision and multiple articulation choices.

Please note: The FULL version of Kontakt 5.8.1 is required - NOT Kontakt Player

V1.1 Update includes bug fixes

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Multi Patches

The library is set up in a way to allow complete control by having each instrument within it’s own patch. However, for speed of writing or part doubling, there are also various ‘multi-patches’ which when loaded create a mix of the instruments. As follows:

ENSEMBLE - A full keyboard blend of all instruments able to be played all at once and captured onto 1 midi track.
2 TRUMPETS - Both trumpet 1 & 2 playing together.
2 TROMBONES - Both trombones 1 & 2 playing together.

You can of course load as many instances of these instruments as you like and create your own multi-patch to save for later use or templating.


1st Trumpet - 2nd Trumpet - 1st Trombone - 2nd Trombone - A Sousaphone

All instruments have their full comfortable range present, across the following articulations.

  • LONGS - A sustained note lasting 3 bars @ 120bpm with the exception of any reach notes that are physically unable to be
    sustained for that long. Each note has 3 velocity layers across 4 round robins. Trombone has a 4th additional velocity layer.
  • STACCATO - Short bursts on 3 velocity layers and across 4 round robins.
  • SFORZATO CRESCENDO - An initial stab followed by an immediate dip in volume, then quick crescendo.
  • CRESCENDO - A gradual build from very quiet to very loud.
  • FALLS - A classic horn stab followed by an unmeasured fall in pitch
  • RISES / GRACE NOTES - A short rise of a semi-tone/tone, or glide in the case of Trombone.
  • FLUTTER - Trumpet only - A classic flutter tongue technique at a high velocity.
  • PERFORMANCE - This keyswitch turns the instruments into MONOPHONIC instruments, to give a legato effect. This combined with a strong attack in the higher velocities makes this a great patch for fast runs, or lyrical lead line phrasing.

All articulations are mapped in the following way:

  • LONGS - A0
  • FALLS - A#0
  • CRESC - D1
  • FLUTTER - D#1
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