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Version: Kontakt 5.7.3 / NCW / V1

Space Age Textures



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Product Overview

MOON is an instrument to create evolving ethereal textures. Not typical pads but something between fx and pads. The natural mood is quite dark and gloomy, perfect for sci-fi and thrilling scenes as well as for Ambient, Dark Ambient and other musical genres. It is featured with a two sections GUI.

The Main section where the user can choose the textures for the two layers and a low control system, just only a sine LFO and all the typical volume/pan/envelope encoders.

The Lab section comes with a convolution reverb and a rotator, this last one could influence a bit the low frequencies with a kind of cut. The deep controller sets are the Formant section and the Ladder filter that could transform in heavy manner the textures sound.

There’s always a central small display that shows the values so that the user can control his/her manouvres. When the user finds an interesting sound, he can save the whole instrument in the User folder, obviously starting from the INIT starting instrument.

In the Instruments folder you can find ten instrument examples just to give you an idea about MOON powerful engine.

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Fly to the Moon

Surpirsd abut all the possibilities.
Great Sounds.

Michael Germar

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