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Version: Kontakt 5.5 / NCW / V2

6 Module Layering Instrument



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Product Overview

Modularium is the first instrument in our series.

It’s a multi layer instrument containing 6 modules with different ways to shape the waveforms using synchronized effects and modulations for Kontakt sampler.

Full version Kontakt required please.

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Image supporting Generator A & B:

Generator A & B:

The first modules in Modularium are “Generator A and B”. They are 8 layer instruments with different modulation sources to manipulate the sound.

Every layer has a knob for volume, pan, modulations depth, speed and a high and low filter and ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release) envelope. Also, you have knobs for reverb-, saturation- and delay settings in this module.

Image supporting Noicesetter


The “Noicesetter” is a module which creates different types of “Noise”

Furthermore, on “Noicesetter” you have also access to the Step Sequencer, which controls the main volume output like some kind of Gater Effect. 2 Sets LFO filters to modulate the Noise section, pitch- and Pan controls round up this module.

Image supporting Vocalirum


Vocalirum is a 6 Layer instrument with the main focus of generating vocal like sounds.

You have control of the 6 layers, their sound / tonal attributes and ADSR envelope.

Image supporting Paddle A & B

Paddle A & B

Paddle A and B are Pad generators with several options to tweak, like e.g. Sample Start and a separate Filter-, ADSR Section.

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