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Melancholic Guitar
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Melancholic Guitar

Version: Kontakt 5.8 / NCW / V1

A new inspirational and functional tool for producing truly emotional music.



Download Method: Kontakt Hub

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Product Overview

Melancholic Guitar provides atmospheric electric guitar sound and signature designed sonic contents for melancholic and oppressive music.

Melancholic Guitar is an inspirational tool for emotional music. It is not yet another virtual electric guitar. Instead, this library transforms traditional guitar sound and brings new sonic colors and textures of melancholy, sadness and oppression.

We recorded an electric guitar through four different parallel effect chains, as well as direct input, to create 5 custom mixes: Melancholic, Apathetic, Oppressive, Hopeful and Personal. While four first mixes are fixed, the Personal mix offers detailed settings of classic guitar processing. The library also includes mono- and double-tracking option.

Melancholic Guitar contains multiple sound design instruments and signature ambiences based on electric guitar sound. Being used with the guitar itself or apart, they will instantly immerse the composition to depths of sorrow, apathy and depression.

Melancholic Guitar features a simple, powerful and intuitive interface. You can fully customize your own Personal mix and then use all vital processing elements: ADSR envelope and offset settings, compressor, equalizer, double filter, distortion and delay effects. Without tons of knobs and unnecessary options, the GUI will not distract you from the creative process.

Kontakt Player Download Manual


  • Kontakt Version: Full 5.8.0; not compatible with NKS
  • Product version: 1.0
  • Category: Guitars / Plucked
  • Number of samples: 660
  • Sample format: NCW
  • Sample depth: 24 bit, 48000 Hz, stereo
  • User guide: included in PDF format. Located in the library resources folder


  • 2.3 GB of contents (compressed from 4.6 GB)
  • electric guitar sustains recorded via 4 FX chains
  • sound design instruments and ambiences
  • created for full retail version of NI Kontakt 5.8.0+ (Not for Kontakt Player)


Melancholic Guitar contains 3 main nkis:


 2020-04-21 12_17_15-Kontakt

The Main NKI contains 4 different presets which are accessible directly from the interface. It also contains 'Personal' mode which gives you access to the different distortion modes


 2020-04-21 12_17_27-Kontakt

The Designed NKI contains 15 different presets which are accessible directly from the interface. 


 2020-04-21 12_17_34-Kontakt

The Ambiences NKI contains 25 different presets which are accessible directly from the interface. 


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