Magnetism Vol I - Contemporary Scoring for Kontakt
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Magnetism Vol I

Version: Kontakt 6.2.2 / NCW / V1

Contemporary, cinematic sound design


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Product Overview

The concept behind Magnetism was conceived by designing sounds and interesting textures running an electric guitar played with an E-bow through a range of effects pedals.

The E-bow is a device that creates a magnetic field that causes the string of the guitar to oscillate continuously, generating a sound similar to a string being bowed and the first samples collected were released in the popular Kontakt freebie Magnetica.

The concept was then expanded to create a sample library inspired by the physical phenomenon of the laws of attraction and the result is... MAGNETISM, a contemporary, cinematic sound design device capable of creating experimental yet incredibly inspiring sound textures to use in your next track, film or game score.

Each Magnetism "Volume” focuses on a specific type of texture and features two main layers: the first (“MAIN”) is the primary sound source, the second (“TEXTURE”) adds spark and continuous variation to the top end.

Magnetism+ Volume I

Volume I focuses on bright textures. Use it to create ethereal soundscapes and angelic pads or draw inspiration from the 100+ included snapshots.

NOTE: Requires the paid Full Kontakt 6.2.2 (does NOT work with the free Kontakt Player)
Magnetism Volume 1 – 1.42 GB Hard Drive Space

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  • Choose between 40 different MAIN sound sources and 20 different TEXTURE sound sources: mix and match them to create your own, unique sounds
  • Special “developments” sound sources, consisting of continuously evolving, very long samples (hold one key and keep textural interest in you composition)
  • Special Wavetable TEXTURE layers
  • Comprehensive effects rack with reverb, three different distortions, two different filters and a multi-mode delay.
  • Per-layer dedicated LFOs
  • Tweak the central knob (mapped to CC1 by default) to mangle the sound sources
  • 100+ snapshots per volume


60 different sound sources generated from:

  • A collection of electric guitars and basses (Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster, Gibson SG, Fender Jazz Bass)
  • A collection of analog synths
  • A modular synthesizer
  • A collection of percussions played by percussionist extraordinaire Hugh Wilkinson (Marvel Ant-Man, Beyond the Sea)
  • An old and dusty upright piano
  • Field recordings collected from the Hebrides Islands in Scotland
  • A number of small instruments (kalimbas, handpan etc.)
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