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MAD Drum Kit (Remo)

Version: Kontakt 5.1 / WAV V1

Outrageous Rock and Funk Kits

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Product Overview

MAD Drum Kit Series features an integrated hi-end environment to creating Uber realistic drum grooves with maximum impact! Our philosophy was to record several iconic kits in such a way to retain a very focused and direct tonal quality at all dynamic levels. With its extended articulation options, the versatile mixer, dedicated groove engine, and play-ability features, you can quickly program convincing drum beats with lots of detail.

MAD packs a lot under the hood with customized and elaborate scripts and features that enhance both realistic playback and ease of use – several of which have never before seen in a drum kit library!

And above all – these kits are going to cut through any mix!

This first release under the MAD banner contains just one kit - The Remo Custom Funk Kit.  Future releases will feature new kits and updated interfaces.  Future releases will also be discounted for customers who buy this first pack.

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If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in MAD Drum Kit (Remo)


What makes the Drum kits in MAD stand out is diversity of sound. Each of the three core kits in this series is unique and offers a great deal of timbre contrast. When capturing the kits, we recorded each in a dedicated space to further extend variety of sound. Each recording space inspired us with different recording techniques, microphone selection, and playing style.

We then developed custom scripts and user interface that is deep, yet straightforward and easy to use. The result is a collection of kits that covers a lot of ground and allows for easy integration to any production style.


This first release under the MAD banner contains just one kit - The Remo Custom Funk Kit.  Future releases will feature new kits and updated interfaces.  Future releases will also be discounted for customer who buy this first pack.  This kit includes smaller than usual Toms and Kick drum giving the kit a very punchy and resonant sound. It works best with Funk and Indie Rock music styles.


  • 16X24 Kick Drum
  • Golden Crown Snare
  • Zildjian Hi-Hat
  • 7X10 and 8X12 Rack Toms
  • 12X14 Floor Tom
  • 2X Zildjian Crashes, Paiste Ride Cymbal.


MAD is is suitable for a variety of music styles aimed particularly at Indie Rock/Punk and Funk. It was designed to utilize an extended dynamic range that is true to each kit and that reflects the dynamic balance of real drummers.

Most often, drum kit libraries extend dynamic range by using excessive modulation of volume with velocity, which only attenuates the signal and causes the dynamic range to be unrealistic.

With MAD, however, you have access to a powerful dynamic range without losing touch with the musicality of the instrument. A strict playing style was used to harness as much punch, rawness, and power from the drums. Other offerings such as dynamic microphone bleed control, absolutely noiseless samples, and a custom script that focuses on realistic playback, help unleash fresh new drum sounds, with lots of attitude.


The recording sessions featured an elaborate set of high-end microphones, boutique mic preamps, custom made cables, and perfectly maintained instruments.

Each kit was recorded in a different space to give variety and to distinguish musical approach. Our biggest desire was to reproduce atrue dynamic response curve from each element of the drum kit – especially on the low to mid velocities.

The non-linear dynamic curves, emphasized by combining tube and solid state preamplifiers and microphones, give the tone ‘creamy’ overtones with a bit of saturation towards the top of the dynamic range.


MAD packs a lot under the hood making each kit responsive and easy to use. We have recorded a wide selection of articulations and organized them into an ergonomic mapping layout for easy programming.

In addition to having plenty of velocity layers and round robin samples, MAD includes unique Left and Right hand samples andmultiple drum zone articulations so that every nuance and grace note sounds authentic.

And finally, we developed custom scripts to maximize playability handling choke groups, grace notes, and Hi-Hat modulation.

Image supporting HI-HAT ENGINE


Playing the Hi-Hat is a lot more versatile than just playing open and close strokes. MAD offers an unprecedented approach to programming Hi-Hat parts with its dedicated Hi-Hat engine.

We started by recording Hi-Hat hits on multiple zones from the Tip to the edge so you get an optimal variety of sound. We then recorded 6 degrees of close-to-open states. Each state is velocity sensitive with round robin.

With the Hi-Hat engine you can morph between each state using the mod wheel and control the close-to-open ratio as you play. The engine takes care of the level, attenuation, and residual sustain when moving between ‘Closed’ and ‘Open’ articulations. It also determines appropriate level compensation, voice stacking, and controls a dynamic choking mechanism based on velocity and the modulation speed between the various Hi-Hat states.

You can also control the Hi-Hat attack and automate it when programming 16th note patterns to give the sound another level of realism. To top it off, the engine will add automatic Foot Pedal stomps when moving between Open and Closed Hi-Hat states.


MAD includes extensive tools to shape and control the tone. Apart from traditional mixing tools like the Mixer, EQ, Compression, and Buss Assignment, you get access to comprehensive microphone blending and bleed control, allowing flexible sonic design and signal flow that’s otherwise impossible to achieve with a traditional mixing console.

You can introduce (or eliminate) sound leakage to various channels with complete control over volume up to unity gain. Just select the source channel from the available options and add microphone leakage from other channels.

Typical uses of microphone leakage are to add Snare rattle to the Kick Drum or Toms channels, but MAD allows for a lot more flexibility like raising the level of only the Hi-Hat within the Overheads Stereo channel, for instance…



MAD introduces an elegant way to play Snare Grace notes and simulate realistic voice stacking.

A Snare drum can produce so many different sounds that can take up a lot of real estate within the mapping layout. And then there are also grace notes that can take even more precious notes… Instead of bloating the MIDI mapping with notes mapped to individual grace samples, you can easily trigger a variety of Snare graces by playing Legato – just hold a Snare key while playing another to trigger it.

Another cool ergonomic enhancement is with Cymbal chokes. You can dynamically perform Cymbal chokes from a single key. Cymbal chokes are velocity sensitive and include round robin samples.



The Groove engine is where you can quickly audition rhythmic ideas and use them in your host as building blocks or as is. MAD comes with hundreds of Rock and Funk Core grooves. Each Core Groove has 5 alternate grooves and 5 fill-in grooves.

Alts and Fills go from subtle to extreme while retaining the context of their respective core grooves. The grooves are un-quantized to maintain the original drummer’s feel and can be dragged to your host as standard MIDI files.



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