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Lira Korbowa Bundle

Version: Kontakt 5.4.3 / WAV / V1

Polish Hurdy Gurdy Collection



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Product Overview

The Lira Korbowa bundle contains 3 unique and separate libraries all derived from a custom-built Polish Hurdy Gurdy.

Important: Lira Korbowa requires the FULL version of Kontakt 5.4.3 or above (Including the Full version of Kontakt 6). It will only run in demo mode in the Free version of Kontakt (Kontakt Player)

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Lira Korbowa - Pack I for Kontakt is a creatively sampled custom-built Polish hurdy-gurdy. Features 1.5 octaves of melodic strings sampled together with C/F drones in Lydian mode, as well as its original C drone with melodic strings sampled separately for more melodic flexibility.

This is an authentic recording - sampled with very little post-processing for higher authenticity and to preserve its genuine overtones.

Lira Korbowa - Pack One is the first instalment of hurdy-gurdy collection starting from simple, playable patches - delivering the authentic sonic enjoyment of this unique instrument - to more complex extended techniques and unique playing styles.

It is said that "there are no two hurdy-gurdies with identical sound" - I want to make this a tagline for this collection... Having in mind that on an actual hurdy-gurdy, we will hear 'open melodic string' in the keyboard's 'resting' state, I have placed "open-G" just 5th apart from the drone so your left pinky can hold the drone and your thumb press 'Open G' whenever 'all melodic notes are released' - this is a very practical approach to tackling the HG technique :) I recorded key-attack noise and all the hurdy-gurdy noises without 'synthesizing it' - these key 'clicks' you hear are the real thing!


All sounds in this second instalment of "Lira Korbowa - Authentic Polish Hurdy-gurdy" library are organically extracted from the instrument built by Stanislaw Wyzykowski - one of the pioneers of hurdy-gurdy revival. No preservatives or frozen imports here!

All content in the series is captured in 24-bit depth by the set of three microphones: * condenser - positioned above the instrument and essential to catch all those wandering overtones, * piezo-ceramic - sitting tightly near the bridge and ensuring that this ancient wood is not vibrating in vain! * silver bullet - roaming where necessary to get the most unique experience: from depths of the body to the hinges of tangent box! "buzzDog" library is dedicated entirely to delivering the percussive aspect of hurdy-gurdy.

This pack is comprised of two main elements:

1. buzzDog - The Loop

Host-synchronised loops of trompette - also called chien (fr. "dog") - a small wooden bridge, resting on the soundboard with merely a pressure of a string, without being permanently attached or glued. The technique required to induce a rhythmical vibration against the soundboard relies on sudden attacks (accents) while turning the wheel. A trompette string is usually tuned in unison with a melodic string but its pitch is constant. Here, the Loop also delivers something that can't be easily achieved on a single hurdy-gurdy: the trompette string, originally tuned in G, has been extended to include all twelve notes. So to play a chord using trompette sound you need at least three hurdy-players with each one tuned differently or you can just buy the buzzDog. This mechanism originates from the late medieval period when Hurdy-gurdy was considered to be missing that percussive element needed for dance music. Necessity is the mother of invention though. Trompette is to be found only in a hurdy-gurdy. Loops are recorded in 80 and 120 BPM and variations of rhythmical patterns are spread across two to four velocity layers. All loops are using Time Machine Pro so they are easily syncing the tempo with your host. Loop patches are also divided into square (2, 4) triangular (3, 6) and pentagonal time signatures. Why not cranking up (pun intended) the tempo to 240 and play 2/4 over the 4/4? For all those bored with regular rhythms, I added my personal favorite: 5/8 beat. There is a 'preview' patch including all time signatures across the keyboard for those who like to bend, chop and break the pattern.

2. buzzDog - Percussion/SFX

No mirrors, no smoke - percussion sounds obtained from knocking, bending, stretching, turning, squeezing and bouncing bits and pieces of the instrument. Very unorthodox; and if you are a purist, you should stay away from this part ;) . All the sounds are very organic - delivering the very essence of structural frailty of a hurdy-gurdy -so many things could have go wrong during this recording! Luckily, all I lost was only one string... While most of those sounds will work as a very unique percussion kit, the SFX section in nothing like your grandma's hurdy-gurdy: samples folder contain files with whimsical names such as "angry donkey", "panting dog" or "techno bee" and so are the sounds: like a box of unearthly delights and noisy creatures.


This instrument is compiled entirely from re-tuned "bourdon" strings (drones) of a Polish Hurdy-gurdy. The original recorded Lira is normally tuned in C/G however, for this Kontakt library, each of its drones has been retuned and recorded in 24bit depth for more authentic sound. All sounds in this third instalment of "Lira Korbowa - Authentic Polish Hurdy-gurdy" library are organically extracted from the instrument built by Stanislaw Wyzykowski - one of the pioneers of hurdy-gurdy revival.

The keyboard is divided into three zones: Left: processed double "D" stretched across one octave for extra low drone Middle: drones including chromatic notes Right: natural harmonics relayed into a playable chromatic keyboard Velocity layers controls the friction: from slow wheel turning when a string is barely making a sound to high speeds when string is almost losing its grip on the wheel! Harmonics have its natural sound divided into two velocity layers: low - for natural sounds; top - for vibrato (yes! harmonics + vibrato :) ) Also, don't be surprised if some TOP velocities will 'stall' the string! That what's happening if wheel is turned too fast - a harmonic chaos I couldn't help to capture :) This and more sonic surprises inside - just like with a real hurdy-gurdy.

  • 4 round robins - for more organic hurdy-vibe!
  • including all hurdy-gurdy grittiness! knocks, squeaks, imperfections
  • on average, 16 samples per drone notes, 8 samples per harmonic note
  • one single patch that cover it all
  • authentic sound without over-stretching the original recordings


4.5 Stars (3)
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Verified Review


I'm composer from Poland. I'm happy to have Polish folk instrument in virtual version. Sounds fantastic and unique. I'm waiting for other Polish folk instruments for KONTAKT. Nobody does that. PMN Music is the only hope :-p

Szymon Szewczyk

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Verified Review

Hurdy Gurdy

These are really good and nice sounding Hurdy Gurdy libraries. Recommend it!

Michael Wiedmer

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Verified Review

An excellent Hurdy Gurdy - Bundle

If you are looking for a hurdy gurdy instrument there are quite a few. This one gets too little buzz I guess, but it is very good and affordable (and it even goes on sale sometimes).

You can choose froms everal patches here and it also isn't the baddest idea to combine some of them for own multis.

Some of the patches are timestretched an looped - so very good for some ryhthmic ground.
There also tonally playable drones - so more possibilities than in the original instrument.

Sarah Fenstermacher

Demo - Lira Korbowa Demo by Sarah Fenstermacher

No other sound libraries here. Just a naked demo. Plus some compression and eqing.\r\nIt\'s not really finished, but I just wanted to point out how great this hurdy gurdy is + how some of the extra noises inside the library sound like.

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