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Angel Cano

Korg M1

Version: Kontakt 5.6.5 / WAV / 6.3 GB / V1.1

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Product Overview

The Korg M1 is a 16-voice, 8-part multitimbral sample-based synthesizer and music workstation, manufactured by Korg from 1988 to 1995.

Outselling the Yamaha DX7 and Roland D-50, the M1 became the top-selling digital synthesizer of its time.

This Kontakt version contains 855 samples totalling 9GB in size with up to 8 velocity layers

Kontakt 5.6.5 FULL VERSION or above required
This instrument now contains 5 unique patches from the Korg M1
  • M1 Piano
  • M1 Piano 08
  • M1 Choir
  • M1 Pad
  • MKS-20
Plus 7 new multis
The MKS-20 patch alone contains:
  • 32bit Floating
  • 774 Samples
  • 8 velocity samples
  • Built in EQ
  • Spread Knob
  • Reverb Knob
  • KEY, Noise, and Release voloume Knob Control
  • On Off Chorus switch
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