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Version: Kontakt 5.0.1 / WAV / V1

Bass Phrase Engine



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Product Overview

King is the first truly playable bass phrase instrument in the world. Program any chords and have a professional bass virtuoso add that killer groove you have been waiting for. Deep, gritty and funky tones.

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Most phrase-based instruments do not allow you to play a particular loop or phrase on different keys, unless using those darned key switches. We are changing the game. Play a chord progression. Find the right bass groove. End of story.

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The Delicate Touch

We have painstakingly sampled the DNA of some of the most famous funk and hip-hop baselines of all time. That means you have classic grooves, BUT you are now able to "play" them in your song's key. AND mix them however you like, to give it a truly modern feel.

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Bass-Driven Effects

As with every other Delicate Kits, the user interface and effects are totally in line with the samples. That means that we have carefully set the effect controls to maximize you bass-mixing efforts. Just turn the knob and get instant improvement on your bass sound.

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Delicate Modulators

Want to give it that modern EDM bounce with sidechain compression? Just turn it on! Need funkier wobble filtering? We got that too. We our simple modulators, you can instantly add rhythm and movement to your bass sequences.

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