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Joachims Piano

Version: Kontakt 5.8.1 / NCW / V1

A lovingly-restored 1890's Steinway B


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Product Overview

Created with media composer and arranger Joachim Horsley, Joachim's Piano is a one-of-a-kind sampling of his lovingly-restored 1890's Steinway B including the natural piano, preparations, percussion, and effects.

Over 40 hours of studio time went into recording the exact piano, space, and mic setups used in "Via Havana" and Joachim's series of YouTube videos. A focus on rhythmic playability, the instrument is chromatically sampled with 4+ Round Robins. Both sus and non-sus pedal samples were recorded on all patches.

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System Requirements

  • Kontakt FULL 5.8.1+
  • 18 GB of HDD space (+17 GB for installation files)
  • HDD of 7200+ RPM or SSD recommended
  • 8+ GB of RAM recommended
Image supporting Specs


  • 7,255 Samples (18,548 Files*)
  • 44.1 kHz/24-bit
  • Up to 5 Velocity Layers and 4 Round Robins
  • Chromatically Sampled
  • Separate Pedal On/off Samples
  • Three Mic Positions: Close, Room, and Joachim's Mix
  • Normal piano plus Joachim's special preparations
  • Percussive piano and Bonus FX
  • 72 Snapshots

*Files includes duplicate performances across mic positions

  • Built based on our new 'VISAGE' engine:
  • Improved Mixer
  • Enhanced Reverb Controls
  • Accessible FX Tab
  • 24 Built-In Temperaments/Intonations
  • Realistic Damper


Normal Piano

  • Articulations - Piano Normal
  • Articulations - Piano Hard
  • Articulations - Piano Soft
  • Articulations - Piano Softer

Prepared Piano

  • Articulations - Harmonic Piano
  • Articulations - Harmonic Piano +24
  • Articulations - Muted Piano
  • Articulations - Muted Piano +24
  • Articulations - Muted Bass Piano
  • Percussive & FX
  • Other - Percussive Piano
  • Other - Bonus FX

Bonus Features:

  • 72 Handcrafted Snapshots
  • Special "Jo's" Mix accesses Jo's own signal chain of choice
Image supporting JOACHIM HORSLEY


Joachim Horsley is a composer, pianist, arranger, and a Steinway Artist. In addition to Via Havana, he has performed around the world as well as worked as a composer and orchestrator for film, television, and art music. Horsley blends elements from afro-carribean rhythms and Western art music, cleverly combined with the unique sounds available from a prepared piano.

As part of the 'Artist Series' Program, a portion of your purchase goes straight to Joachim!

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