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Straight Ahead Jazz Horns

Version: Kontakt 5.0.1 / WAV / 21.5 GB / V1.3

13 Solo Instrument Patches

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Product Overview

With SA! Jazz Horns you can finally produce realistic and compelling big band, jazz horn tracks. Featuring 13 unique solo instruments and harmonized ensemble patches that authentically auto-harmonize lead lines into classic-sounding horn voicings and a staggering 38GB of sample data!

Jazz/pop articulations like falls, doits and bends with amazing performance legato that really swings.

Performed by real jazz/pop/studio players and recorded in our unique way of capturing the way players actually perform articulations allowing the user to create natural-sounding phrases without a ton of programming.

Featuring 2 Microphones positions with mixer controls - Mix/blend between a pristine U47 or a beautifully dark vintage RCA U44.

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If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Straight Ahead Jazz Horns

13 Solo Instruments

4 Trumpets (each played by different players)

  • Lead Trumpet
  • 2nd Trumpet
  • 3rd Trumpet
  • 4th Trumpet.

4 Trombones (each played by different players)

  • Lead Trombone
  • 2nd Trombone
  • 3rd Trombone
  • Bass Trombone.

5 Saxophones (each played by different players)

  • Lead Alto Saxophone
  • 2nd Alto Saxophone
  • 1st Tenor Saxophone
  • 2nd Tenor Saxophone
  • Baritone Saxophone.

Single Articulations

  • Lead Trumpet
  • 2nd Trumpet
  • 3rd Trumpet
  • 4th Trumpet...4 Trombones (each played by different players)
  • Lead Trombone
  • 2nd Trombone
  • 3rd Trombone
  • Bass Trombone...5 Saxophones (each played by different players)
  • Lead Alto Saxophone
  • 2nd Alto Saxophone
  • 1st Tenor Saxophone
  • 2nd Tenor Saxophone
  • Baritone Saxophone

Ensemble Patches

Ensemble Patches. Utilizing our “Harmonic Automation” technology, the ensemble patches create full ensemble harmonized chords/lines by only playing single-line melodies. Contains all the same articulations from the solo instruments.

Ensemble Types

  • 8 Brass (4 Tpts & 4 Tbns)
  • 4 Tpts
  • 4 Tbns
  • Sax Soli (5 saxes)

Voicing Types

  • Orchestrationally well-balanced and stylistically-accurate.
  • Thickened Line Voicings (used for playing melodic passages)
  • Chorale Voicings (used for hits, stabs, and long pads/backgrounds.)
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SA Samples “Accented Legato”

– Not just a generic legato between every note. In conjunction with our recording process that captures the conditions and the way that players actually perform legato, our Accented Legato script intelligently inserts the recorded legato transitions in the appropriate places in real-time while you’re playing.

Our new “Harmonic Automation” + Harmonized Tutti Voicings

– We are very pleased to introduce this new concept which understands any chords you play and then allows you to play single-line melodies and SA Jazz Horns while intelligently playing fully harmonized ensemble voicings. Creating a lighting fast way to create big, stylistically accurate, orchestrationally-sound and tutti horn section lines. 

Image supporting The Ultimate Jazz Horns Library!

The Ultimate Jazz Horns Library!

Latest Version 1.3 Included

New Features:

  • Round-robin added to Harmonized Chord patches. User-selectable number of additional RR’s.
  • Approach Chord Menu. In the Harmonized Chord patches, user can now select the kind of approach chords that are triggered when playing non-diatonic notes. Options are Diminished, Dominant, Chromatic or Suggested. “Suggested” approaches are the most stylistically appropriate combination of all 3.
  • Different Passing Tones. Now recognizes and plays different voicings if you’re approaching from above or below the note.
  • Rebuilt Chord Recognition Script. New chord recognition script is a dramatic improvement over the original.
  • Added chord types. Now recognizes more 5-note chords.

Bug Fixes:

  • Various Solo Instrument Fixes – Missing RR’s upon first loading – “Leap Accent” state restores when re-opening project – “Shakes” crossfades – “Flops” volume – Tenor 2 – monophonic – Various instruments – Sustains/Quarters problem w/ Dynamic Crossfades on – Various volumes, crossfades, balancing
  • Various Ensemble Chord Instrument Fixes – Diminished chords sticking – Range of trombone chord notes – “Turns” in Tpts Close – Various chord graphic fixes – “Sus-Change” keyswitch, correct velocity – Fixed unisons “Temporary Articulation” – Volume of Chord Audition more balanced – Various volumes, crossfades, balancing