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Hohner Guitaret (VST | AU | Plugin)


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Product Overview

Jasno [i ̯asno] is a delicate recreation of a forgotten German instrument that sounds like a cross between a celeste, a music box, a hang drum and who knows what else. Captured through a hand-made tube preamp, sampled with love.

Please Note: Jasno is a VST / AU Plugin. Windows and macOS compatible with lifetime free updates.

Windows - 32 and 64bit.
Mac - 64 bit only.

Changelog - V1.0.2

  • Fixed the annoying bug that might make the sound silent on some Afterglow patches
  • A 'less dirt' button added to Ocean and Piano Drop patches - this removes some of the tape pops here and there. Honestly, I like them as they were but it's better to have the choice, right?
  • Improvements to sample streaming
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The Hohner Guitaret (which Jasno proudly brings to your studio in the digital form) is an extremely rare instrument made for about two years in the 60s. Even though the note range is limited (it starts at G#3 and ends at E5 - I’ve extended it a bit digitally if you need more range), the sound is to die for. It’s familiar, yet different enough to bring some character and interest to your scores. Nick Cave and Warren Ellis used it to great effect on a soundtrack to ‘The Assasination Of Jesse James’.

Besides the standard finger-plucked sustains, you’ll also get an articulation where the instrument was performed with mallets (both of these have 5x repetition samples), loose tremolos as well as a softly-performed random articulation which works like this - you play a chord and magic happens.

These electro-acoustic articulations are only half of the story, though. What you’ll also find is a collection of sound design Afterglow patches, created by processing the Guitaret using a variety of techniques and tools, including tape echoes, BBD delay and BBD reverb, lo-fi-ish early digital reverb, cassettes and tape. Some of these patches feature a digital tape looping machine, giving you control over speed, pitch, direction and overall dirt of playback.

Inspired by tape-based music as well as modern modular scene, the result is a collection of bespoke patches that evoke that dusty, analogue vibe, ranging from fragile and soft to dirty remains of the original signal. Think of them as an ultimate inspiration palette that you can shape and perform using the interface or your favourite MIDI controller.

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If you own a MPE device, such as the ROLI Seaboad, you can perform the ‘Afterglow’ patches using a multi-dimensional polyphonic control, shaping the textures on per-note basis. The Expressive E Touché and standard MIDI controllers are supported as well.

Image supporting ARTICULATIONS



  • Plucks - 5xRR, 4 dynamic layers
  • Mallets - 5xRR, 2 different kinds of mallets, mapped by velocity
  • Unsynced tremolos - 1 dynamic layer
  • Random cloud - 1 dynamic layer, tape controls


  • Afterglow
  • Echoes
  • Becoming Ocean
  • Piano Drop
  • Disperse


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